Is That What They Call Divine Intervention?

Posted on October 28, 2010

I spent a couple of days earlier this week thinking the whole world was against me. I don’t know why, but I just lost my self confidence and turned really brittle, which is unlike me, though I am not as confident as some people may think. My business is really struggling at the moment, to the point where I am considering part time employment to boost my reduced income. I really thought that was an awful situation for someone of my age (43 soon) to be in.

Today a series of things happened that made me come to terms with what a selfish wanker I can be sometimes, and that I have no right to be down on myself. Firstly, I played tennis with a friend of my mine early this morning who has been to Hell and back with his wife being terribly ill in the last couple of years, yet he always has a laugh and a joke, and she always has a smile on her face, despite all she has gone through. What a testimony to human spirit that pales my problems in to insignificance.

Secondly, I had a chance meeting in Sainsbury’s with an old neighbour this evening who greeted me with a genuine hug and kiss saying how much she and her husband loved reading this blog, and how much she missed me being around. It was so heartwarming to see someone who had genuine affection for me despite my flaws. Her daughter who I last saw as a pleasant but surly school leaver was with her, and she is now a radiant and pretty student with her own independent style studying at Bath University, and enjoying life to the full (lucky cow). How great is that to see?

Then finally, and most poignantly, I went for a drink with my friend Steve tonight, and we met an old work colleague of his, Tim. Tim worked with Steve at Smiths Industries (when Basingstoke had industry) 30 odd years ago. Tim ran the tennis and squash clubs, and very much like myself, was a Jack of all sports and a master of none until, at 25, he was diagnosed along with his Brother with Muscular Dystrophy. He told me he had some dark days, really dark, but defiantly overcame his problems to do his best to stay out of a wheelchair, which he has done to this day. When he walks he has to train his brain to concentrate on his legs, because unlike most of us he can’t walk instinctively. He joked that if he sees a pretty woman he has to concentrate harder, because if he thinks of her bottom or cleavage his legs will give way (I know the feeling). When we guided him to his car I thought of myself running around a tennis court 12 hours earlier, and again I reflected on my pathetic self pitying from earlier in the week.

At my age I am still fully active in most sports (my knees can’t take football), I have in my time played football, golf cricket, tennis and badminton at varying levels, and I still run 10-20 miles a week, but if it all ended tomorrow I couldn’t complain, as I am not unlucky, not one bit. My son played cricket tonight and had his worst game for ages, a real stinker, and afterwards he was pretty much inconsolable to the point he started doubting his own ability. Tomorrow I will give him a reminder to go out and enjoy it, because he is lucky to be playing the sport he loves.

So if you are like me and you get a bit down on yourself sometimes, give yourself a hearty slap in the face and get on with it because nothing can replace good health. I have learnt a valuable lesson today and I am convinced it was a divine intervention, a way of being told to get on with it and realize that I have health, a lovely girlfriend, and a great bunch of friends. No amount of money can replace that, it really can’t.

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