What A Bad Week This Is

Posted on November 25, 2010

I am not having the best of weeks this week, I have a heavy cold and sore hip joint, plus I stayed up to watch England fail at cricket after I stupidly caved in despite my anti Murdoch stance and signed up to Sky for the much anticipated Ashes series. Staying up all night and paying good money to see an irritating Aussie taking a hat trick against our middle order batsmen was not what I anticipated, but I should have expected it I suppose. On top of that, I have gained few allies, but more enemies due to my comments about this bloody Royal Wedding next year. Only a fine indoor win for my Colts cricket team last night has briefly lightened my mood which swung between foul and miserable for the best part of the week.

I hate myself for paying Sky subscription because I am being a hypocrite and going against my instincts to rebel against anyone who tries to dominate the media for their own megalomaniac gain. It is in my genetic make up never to give in and be apathetic to the ruling classes who take everything and give nothing back to the common people. However I have to understand that to most people it doesn’t matter any more they have given up a long time ago to the fact that our taxes keep the elite in power, and that we have no choice to be happy with our lot, as the seven per cent who own it all aren’t about to let go and share it around to those who work so hard to keep the country running. I can totally understand the general acceptance as to get a piece of the action you have to be a Russian Oligarch a sports superstar, or a rock star, otherwise forget it unless you have had a the privilege of a private education where you can attempt to gate crash the elite. Even then you won’t get in, it’s a closed shop, the Old Etonians and The Bullingdon club control the front bench, the media, the City, the arts and all the top universities, it’s all theirs and they will protect it with gusto.

However, I will never give up my right to rebel against things like the Royal Wedding, just as I will now refuse to be critical of anyone who wants to be swept along by the whole charade, because if it makes people happy who am I to judge, and at the end of the day if I was in the tacky plate making business or the editor of OK magazine I would be rubbing my hands together at the prospect of the easy money coming my way. I am going on a walk on the Dorset coast path that weekend so I can be a long way from the the Royal wedding and out of sight of any televisions, that way I can avoid upsetting myself, and more importantly any one else. It’s for the best all round because people who enjoy these occasions cetainly won’t want to see my miserable face.

I try to treat everyone equally, but I will never bow to anyone just because they have had more privileges than me, and I certainly won’t be swept along by tide of Royal euphoria aimed at disguising the state of the nation……and do you know what really, really, really annoys me? The government announcing a public holiday so already ailing small businesses have no choice but to pay their PAYE staff for a bank holiday they didn’t even ask for, their arrogance and ignorance towards smalls business knows no boundaries.

Right I’m off to find something to kick, though I must blow my nose first.

PS: A message to Tyrone, are you still alive, I have not heard from you for a while? Drop me a line at bob@cbsrecruit.co.uk

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