Please Sign This Forestry Commission Petition

Posted on February 4, 2011

If you do one good thing this weekend, please sign the petition to save Britain’s forests from a public sell off by clicking here. I have been accused by some on this Blog of writing too many political rants, decide for yourself if this is one, but this ridiculous, preposterous, ludicrous plan can be nothing more than another Conservative ideology or propaganda attack against the previous Government that we have been led to believe have been the whole cause of all the savage cuts taking place in libraries, schools, rural community transport and other public services which is going to cost 500,000 jobs. Now it’s the Forestry Commission, how is a public sell off of the countryside woodland area good for the economy?

If plans too sell off sections of what is effectively our heritage go ahead, they could become open to anything that the purchaser wants. Let’s take some examples shall we? If an individual had forest land backing on to his garden fence and he had the funds available, he could effectively buy a section of Forest and do what he wanted with it, he could fence it off and have it all to himself or cut it down and pave it, anyone else on the land would be a trespasser. There are plenty Nicholas Van Hoogstratens out there who would keep it all for themselves.  What is more likely of course is that our Forests where we are currently free to roam will be sold off to profit making organisations who will turn them in to theme venues featuring roller coasters, Harvester restaurants and McDonald’s. Can you imagine going out with your dog for a walk at the “New Forest Experience sponsored by Pepsi” and paying £20 for the pleasure? Anyone who has visited Peter De Savary’s hideous “Lands End Experience” has had a taste of what Britain could become.

National disgrace: All the areas in green will be sold off

The sell off of our Forests will see potential neglect of the habitat and job losses aplenty, it is a savage and unnecessary policy that is even being ridiculed by some members of the Tory party who announced the plans. Caroline Spelman the Tory environment minister is a misguided retard, if her policy goes through we will be seeing the death of forest protection which goes back to the 1215 Magna Carta. We are talking about 748,000 Hectares of Forest being sold by 2020 allowing private companies the right to chop trees down and turn these areas where we are free to roam in to Center Parcs style villages, Golf Courses and adventure sites.Why can’t we just leave the forestry commission alone to get on with preserving some of our greatest wildlife areas, it is a national disgrace and a Tory ideology that shouldn’t be allowed to happen. The landscape of Britain is in huge danger here, of that I am certain, but if you don’t believe me read it for yourself, it is all over the Internet.

I must apologise if you read this blog for a bit of a laugh about my life as that is what it is here for after all, but this policy annoyed me so much I just had to try and encourage people to sign the Forestry Commission petition because this is very much a policy that can still be halted with a ground swell of public opinion growing against it across all the parties. So whatever your political persuasion, sign the treaty please, if you don’t sign it, don’t complain when you get charged ten quid to take your kids or grandchildren in the woods only to discover a Toby Carvery in the middle of them.

Have a good weekend, go for a walk in the woods…………………..while you still can.

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