Posted on February 15, 2011

I have today joined up with Twitter for the third time in the hope that something might come of it, but I think I am missing a trick somewhere because I just don’t seem to get anything interesting. I have tried to follow several well known people without anything exciting happening and I now have eleven followers who only appear semi interested in me, probably because I can’t think of anything to tweet yet, except that it’s raining. If I had more followers I might try to write something more exciting or controversial, so if you read this blog and you tweet, please add me to your list by clicking on the link on the right and while you are at it, send me some interesting tweet adresses.

End of shortest blog ever!

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  • Trevor and Amy
    February 20, 2011 (10:47 am)

    Hi Bob,

    Yeah, Twitter's an odd one. The more I 'use' it the more I realise that fundamentally it's just for celebs to build a supporter/fan base, without actually having to communicate to individuals or respond to fan mail.

    I subscribed to Simon Pegg, who is obviously a v.funny guy, but to be honest his tweets are often v.dull and not really funny.

    In the end I've found solace in all the cricketers on there – I started with Kevin Pietersen (kevinpp24) – basically because he occasionally posts really dumb things and makes himself look like a tit and from there went onto Jimmy Anderson -(JimmyAnderson9)and from there you can go where you like – Darren Gough, Phil Tuffnell etc etc. It's a bit odd as sometimes it's clearly just an old-boys network and you don't really always get the gags, but sometimes they post funny stuff such as Jimmy Anderson's recent memorable one 'Here we are in 1974 – also known as Adelaide' (which if you'd ever been to Adelaide you'd see his point) but as Amy is from there she didn't see the joke too well 🙂

    I like Jacqui Oatley and she posts really frequently JacquiOatley and isn't as self obsessed as others on there. The same with Bruce Parry (the guy off the Tribe TV series who I think is really cool)

    I've not really spent hours on it. I've kind of built up a list of people I like and those I don't like (so I can get annoyed at some of the prattle they put on there)

    I don't like Stephen Fry, but he's got a zillion followers so I guess he must say something funny now and again.

    I've got a friend (who is an author of murder/mysteries) Douglas Lindsay and he writes a daily novel DouglasTLindsay which in 149 letters is quite an achievement. Follow him he's funny.

    The only benefit I've found is that you sometimes get early news (or jokes) before it makes its way onto Facebook (and then 5 days later) into the Daily Mail.

    Sometimes there's the odd funny pic on there as well.

    I still think it's a bit inane. I'm sure if I was a consultant I could tweet my contacts and build up thousands of followers with my insightful thoughts and wit, but I'm not so I just follow the occasional football/cricket chat.


  • Bob Lethaby's Blog
    February 20, 2011 (2:54 pm)

    Thanks Trev, will follow Douglas and i am now following you!! Hope all is well, Love to all, Bob

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