The Murdoch’s-Yesterday’s Chip Paper

Posted on July 26, 2011

Well folks what an extraordinary tragic weekend of news we have just experienced with the massacre in Norway and the sadly predictable death of the mercurial unstable talent that was Amy Winehouse. As the people of Norway and the family and fans of Amy winehouse come to terms with their losses what is more sad than anything is the fact that the Murdoch’s and News International will have cried an almighty “Thank fuck for that” as bad news washed away their problems at a stroke. David Cameron will also consider himself lucky that this has coincided with parliament recess, giving him a huge amount of breathing space between now and October.

Meanwhile The Sun’s headline that read “Norway’s 9/11” was something to behold, that newspaper knows no shame. How the fuck the actions of an extreme right wing Christian can equate to that of an Islamic fundamentalist is beyond comprehension. That newspaper should really be banned in this country until it starts reflecting news that is relevant rather than incendiary, it is a newspaper for lunatics run by lunatics. I have distanced myself from this story as it is just so depressing that someone can see the reason in hunting down and slaughtering people just because they are left of centre and liberal in their ideals. From the little I have read, it would appear that this guy had a rabid hatred to anyone with a hint of colour in their skin or any liberal views on such subjects as immigration. Perhaps he is a bit of a hero in the corridors of The Daily Express, The Mail and The Sun. Maybe The Sun will make him their “Page Seven Fella.”

Not nearly as shocking, but shocking all the same, is some of the rabid condemnation of Amy Winehouse that I have read on Facebook and Twitter or heard on radio phone shows. It is pretty obvious that she died of drugs or alcohol problems or both and in the eyes of many she got what she deserved. For fuck’s sake has anyone got any compassion for someone who has quite obviously had a life troubled by mental health issues that wrecked her career as uniquely beautiful and talented musician in a world of Take That and Cheryl Cole inspired utter fucking dross? I really liked Amy Winehouse, during her all too short peak, she was, in my opinion, pretty much peerless, with an extraordinary voice and stage presence. She was a breath of fresh air compared to all the manufactured robots that are churned out by the musical anti Christ that is Simon Cowell. Good God, I can hardly say his name without throwing up.

Winehouse: May the Junkie Rot in Hell

Amy Winehouse had a self destructing and addictive character before she started drinking or taking drugs, she had an illness, doesn’t anyone understand that? Do some people actually think she decided to mentally and physically collapse by choice? She was a rebellious character that refused to conform to authority, because of that she was hounded to death as her looks and performances deteriorated to embarrassing levels. The tabloid press and the self righteous holier than thou swathes of middle England were almost salivating as they watched her desperate and ultimately futile battle with her demons, well she is dead now so everyone can sleep easily and condemn her at their dinner parties whilst they have Dido or some other shit playing gently in the background.

The fact is, the real winners in what has been a horrible weekend are the Murdoch’s, the Met Police and half of Parliament. A conspiracy theorist would have you believe that these tragedies were planned by Murdoch’s evil empire to take the heat off, but as much as I want to believe it, it is highly unlikely. It would appear that the tragic death of innocent people (and yes I do include Amy Winehouse in that) has been a bonus to those who are evil, where is the justice in that? As the citizens of Norway mourn, the Murdoch’s are throwing private party in honour of Anders Behring Breivik and Amy Winehouse. Having to spend today listening to England beat India at cricket on Radio 5 Extra instead of watching on Sky TV was a small price to pay, that fucking lot are not getting another penny off of me. I can’t put in to words my hatred of News International, I just can’t believe that they appear have got off the hook yet again.

I am off camping for a week on Friday; I can’t wait to get away from it all to be honest.

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