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Posted on January 10, 2012

Well this it folks, I now have an independent blog page, something I must take the opportunity of thanking Craig Killick for, a true mate is someone who sets you up a website for nothing except a couple of beers the next time I see him. So, the big question is this, why do I need an independent web/blog page?  Is Blogger not good enough for me anymore?  Well it is and it isn’t, having my own domain with a website tailored to my needs makes it far easier for me to create posts and adapt them accordingly, on blogger I am restricted to their templates and designs, on here I can create what I want how I want, I feel quite liberated.

But where is the advantage for the reader, if there is one at all?  Well, the one thing I often hear from my regular readers, dare I say fans, is how hard it is to make a comment on a blog, even if it is just one word, the word wanker being a good example. It appears that making comments on Blogger involves logging in , signing up to blogspot and all sort of time consuming nonsense that leads to the reader understandably giving up trying. Now, if you want to call me a wanker, you can do exactly that by simply writing wanker in the comment box and pressing send, within seconds I will know what you think of me without knowing who you actually are, unless you choose to add your name. Of course, you can write constructive comments too, words such as “hilarious” and “great post Bob” will always be well received by my easily massaged ego whilst at the opposite end of the spectrum the word c*nt might well hurt my feelings, no matter how justified it seems to the author. But the key here is that you can write what you want.

Everything else is set to remain the same, the tales of general personal ineptitude along with local stories, political & social comment and the bizarre aspects of life and the world in general will continue as before. Some aspects may be funny, some may be sad, some maybe topical, but the general consensus is to try too keep it funny or at the very least, interesting to the reader. When I search back on my blogs it appears that I go through phases where I am in a really good flow of material, followed by other times when I lose it completely and write drivel for the sake of creating an update to keep my readers. My ambition is to eradicate more of the crap and increase the good material and it may well be that to create this utopia I have to reduce the number of blogs from three to two a week, either that or you will just have to respect that I am an amateur and that crap blogs should be excused rather than mocked too harshly (remember my fragile ego!). I promise not to publish blogs about how I cooked a lovely Sunday roast, my choice of white goods for the house or what car I want to buy next. If I get to that stage I will terminate my writing and will fully expect the title of wanker or worse.

So please keep reading and please start commenting if you don’t already, every writer of every level appreciates feedback, if only to know people are still reading. I get lots of comments on Twitter and Facebook, but I would prefer them to come directly to this site when possible.



2 Replies to "The All New Blog Page "

  • Anonymous
    January 10, 2012 (9:29 am)

    Wanker x mc

    • Anonymous
      January 10, 2012 (10:37 am)

      I knew you would be first to comment cunni….

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