Veet Hair Removal-Customer Reviews

Posted on April 20, 2012

I have had a good week this week, I have witnessed Reading getting promoted to the Premier League (as if you haven’t noticed) and had a great evening celebrating Diane’s birthday on Wednesday as well getting lucky and picking up some more new work as the recession continues to bite. However, nothing prepared me for the unadulterated joy I experienced late last night when I was nosing through people’s Facebook updates before I retired to my bed.

I can’t take the credit here, much of that has to go to Rick Aplin-Haynes from Broughton and indeed his friend Paul Henry (I’m not sure if he is  the Benny from Crossroads Paul Henry) for posting the link to the reviews from Amazon on Veet Hair Removal Cream. I suggest that when you read these (particularly first one) you should make sure you are not in a place such as a public library, internet cafe or a train, because you will more than likely totally embarrass yourself with perpetual uncontrollable laughing, it really is marvelous stuff.

You have to say fair play to Amazon for publishing these reviews as some of the language understandably, crosses the line, but I imagine when the customer comments started rolling in, working in the editing department of Amazon probably was the best job in the world. If you are not familiar with the Amazon website, the reviews are found by scrolling three quarters of the way down the page after the product description etc etc.

See the reviews by clicking on the link below:



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