Advertisement-Cricketers Required-Basingstoke Area

Posted on August 9, 2012

Oakley Cricket Club require semi competent cricketers for a number of vacancies in the 1st and 2nd II Saturday side for the rest of this season and more importantly, for the Summer of 2013.

The ideal candidates will have the following attributes:

  • The ability to score 15-50 runs on a regular basis
  • Be able to catch the ball, at least occasionally
  • The ability to bowl fast, medium, slow, spin or just plain straight
  • Enjoyment of fielding rather than sleeping on the boundary
  • To be able to play on a regular basis, let’s say 75% of games
  • To offer to assist with umpire and scoring duties
  • To to assist with club and groundwork duties
  • To have three to four operational limbs and a pulse
  • To partake in moderate drinking and general clubhouse claptrap

Wicket celebration v Dummer (photo courtesy of Paul Sumner photography)

We are ideally looking for people who want to become active club members partaking in the unbridled joy of playing Hampshire League cricket as well as offering assistance with general maintenance and ground duties required at this level of the game. If you are an individual that can score runs as well as having the ability to cut grass and carry out basic plumbing, electrical and carpentry duties, we will happily embrace you on your arrival through our gates and buy you a pint of Henry’s IPA bitter.

If you can score runs and play the part of a treasurer or a fixtures secretary, we will gladly put you forward for a Knighthood and treat you with the heroic respect these positions deserve; You will also receive a free pint of Henry’s IPA. Unfortunately we can’t pay you a salary as we have no money, but we do have a ground in beautiful rural Hampshire that will fill you with immeasurable pleasure every week you walk out to play. That is an offer money cannot buy.

Finally, if you can score runs and you are a very wealthy potential benefactor to our club, you can open the bat every week; In fact, even if you can’t score runs but you are a very wealthy potential benefactor to our club, you can still open the bat every week, you can do whatever you want if it results in a new clubhouse.

So please, come and join this wonderful club that has been existence since the 1870’s and you will soon find your life has changed immeasurably for the better!

Contact 07956 537076

 Facebook: Oakley Cricket Club

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