Sex and Drugs and Rock & Rock “n” Roll

Posted on August 29, 2012

George went to the Reading Festival at the weekend, leaving as a boy and returning as a man with much of what happened on his weekend away rightly remaining information between him and his peers. Did he have sex? I doubt it. Did he take drugs? I don’t think so. Did he drink vast amounts of booze? Most certainly.

It’s funny that the topic of conversation between me and the dad of his friend on Friday afternoon revolved around our fears of them being offered and accepting soft drugs, yet we were both quite content with them partaking in the under age consumption of alcohol, a legal toxic that can lead to all manner of problems that include violence, liver damage and ill advised sexual activity. I say this because just last week I was reading reports from across the world, be it Afghanistan or Columbia, about the cataclysmic multi billion dollar failure that  has taken place in the last few decades, that of course, being the war on drugs.

Now, my fear about George taking soft class C drugs was not that he may take them, but that he would get mugged off and sold dirty drugs that could seriously harm or even kill him. Most soft drugs taken in pure form are essentially harmless and non addictive, certainly less so than a large intake of alcohol, so why the Hell, in this brainless world we live in, do will still make it illegal to partake in recreational habits when making them legal would raise huge amounts of taxation and at a stroke, wipe out the criminal gangs topping up cocaine and speed with bleach, rat poison or baking powder?

War on drugs: Waste of time and money 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly want my kids to dabble in drugs, but the chances are that they may well experiment at some point or another, so why can’t they do it without the risk of getting their intestines ripped out by some dodgy acid sold by an opportunist cretin who has no respect for human life? The war on drugs is failing and gangsters are running the world whilst innocent kids die after naively taking dirty drugs. Everyone is a loser, the Governments who spend billions on the “War on Drugs” the taxman for losing millions in revenue and the families of those who have been sold tampered drugs. The only winners are pimps and gangsters……someone tell me the sense in that?

I dabbled in drugs for a while in my teens and early twenties, speed and grass and the odd flirtation with cocaine and ecstasy, I am neither proud or particularly ashamed of it, it is an irrelevance to my life now, but I will say this. Every scrape, disaster or punch in the face I ever received revolved around alcohol not soft drugs and I guarantee all my friends will concur. Domestic violence, car crashes, liver disease and social disorder nearly always come from alcohol and not drugs, yet one is illegal whilst the other is not. Now has to be the time that governments get together and realise the war on drugs is lost and it is time for another plan of action, it is beyond farcical.

But they won’t do anything about it, they will keep chucking good money after bad in a hopeless quest to acheive the impossible.

Left, Right or Centre, politicians are complete and utter fuckwitts!

2 Replies to "Sex and Drugs and Rock & Rock "n" Roll"

  • Davey
    August 30, 2012 (6:01 am)

    Did any if these drugs cause hair loss?

  • jim witts
    September 1, 2012 (12:08 am)

    hey , you spelt fuckwit wrong ( only one T ) , probably because you thought of me !

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