Bonnie Prince Charlie – An Incontinence of Lobbying?

Posted on August 13, 2013

It has been reported (By The Daily Mail of all newspapers) that Prince Charles has had no fewer than 36 private meetings with cabinet ministers since the 2010 election; it is a topic I guarantee you will all hear more about in the coming months.

Apart from seven meetings with the Prime Minister and three with opposition leader Ed Milliband, Prince Charles, more importantly in my opinion, has allegedly been forcing meetings with ministers who run departments that are directly linked to the businesses and activities he has particular interests in.

Before you say “Bob you cynic, he is just a Prince who talks to his flowers, not a ruthless businessman” pour yourself a stiff drink and do some Internet investigation of the business activities of the Duchy of Cornwall, the estates company that earned Charles a cool £18 million (much of it corporation tax free) in 2012.

The Royal family are supposed to be politically neutral and it is well known that members of both the Conservative and Labour benches are starting to get pissed off with “Black Spider” letters to ministers and the constant self-serving lobbying by the future King.

We may guess her persuasion (she is hardly going to be a Socialist is she?) but in fairness, the Queen has been on the throne for 50 years and kept well out of politics. Charles is not even on it yet and he is already causing political turmoil to satisfy his greed that has, until now, been disguised by his public demeanour as a likable buffoon. Many Royal and political observers are now seeing Charles as a wolf in Harris Tweed clothing and a constitutional crisis waiting to happen.

The reason I say that you will hear more about this in the coming months is because Charles has been fighting a court battle for eight years to have the contents of 27 letters written to ministers banned from public viewing. He has won the latest case but the Guardian newspaper have won a High Court right to appeal. What is Charles so desperate to hide?

What is annoying politicians is that rather than seeing the Guardian case as a warning to stay out of politics, he has carried on with his meddling regardless. What concerns many people in power and perhaps even within the Monarchy itself, is what might happen if the policy of an elected Government was not to his liking and he chose to interfere?

A documentary on Channel 4 (Dispatches) recently exposed what Prince Charles and the Duchy of Cornwall are all about, now he is causing yet more potential trouble for the Monarchy, seemingly oblivious or perhaps arrogantly dismissive of those offering less and less subtlety in their attempts to advise him to keep his big nose out of politics.

Initially, I wondered why Political leaders and the pro Royal newspapers such as the Daily Mail were not holding back on attacking Prince Charles so directly. My only assumption is that they fear that the proletarian masses are finally catching on to how greedy and self-serving Prince Charles actually is and the potential fall-out that it would cause.

The Monarchy can ill afford the revolting masses to become the masses who are revolting, it would cause a constitutional crisis that I must admit I would find all rather good fun; the ensuing chaos of a Monarchy in crisis would be a fantastic part of history to have lived through…I love all that “Off with his head, off with his head” stuff.

Personally, I have always been apathetic to Royalty, I care for them about as much as they care for me, which I guess is very little, though generally, they do me no direct harm. However, when they start taking the piss with their authority and power by bombarding political parties with excessive lobbying, anyone who believes in a democracy should be very concerned.

Whether it is forced upon him by the Guardian or astute political leaders, Prince Charles has to stop what one furious MP described as  “Incontinence of lobbying”

A wonderful term that I really wish I had thought of myself.



3 Replies to "Bonnie Prince Charlie - An Incontinence of Lobbying?"

  • Charlie Windsor
    August 13, 2013 (2:04 pm)

    Mind your own business you oik! I’ll have you horsewhipped if you persist with these damaging lies!

    • Bob Lethaby
      August 13, 2013 (2:32 pm)

      Oh Charlie, I wish you would do one old chap, you really are becoming a thorn in one’s side.

  • Charlie Windsor
    August 13, 2013 (3:39 pm)

    Release the dogs Camilla

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