A Life of Political and Religious Ideology

Posted on October 3, 2013

When you think about, our whole life is dictated by religious and political ideologies, some we benefit from, some we find abhorrent and in extreme cases such as Catholicism, some that can involve abuse protected by a rabid fear of damnation.

Unless you are living on Saturn, a major political storm blew up this week when The Daily Mail newspaper wrote a derogatory piece about Ralph Milibandan alleged Marxist, who in their opinion, hated Britain.

Inadvertently this alerted many people, who were otherwise unaware, to the fact that The Mail has a long family association and ownership with the ruling classes who were sympathizers to the ideology of Fascism in Berlin, Madrid and Rome. In fact, such was their support of this ideology; they openly supported Oswald Moseley and The British Union of Fascists (The Blackshirts) and were not adverse to Britain being part of a Nazi axis.


Now, it is not against the law to promote an ideology in your newspaper, The Mail have always been advocates of right wing conservatism and it is entirely up to the general public if they want to read it. However, to have a view on any form of political ideology, be it centre, left or right wing, does not make a man or woman hate his own country, whether he is a refugee, as was the case with Miliband, or whether they can trace their way back to 1066.

I was in Sainsbury’s today and there was a man in front of me who was basically backing The Daily Mail saying that he couldn’t understand why British people would sympathise with the son of a Marxist. I couldn’t resist this red rag and promptly asked him what a Marxist is.

“It’s a bloody Commie” came the reply.

Like millions of others this chap has not got a clue what Marxism is but if The Daily Mail publishes an article saying it is the root of all evil that is good enough for him….Modern day Serfdom at its best.

As a definition, Marxism is as follows:

A political and economic philosophy in which the concept of class struggle plays a central role in understanding society’s allegedly inevitable development from bourgeois oppression under capitalism to a socialist and ultimately classless society.

I can’t see anything evil in that all, I certainly can’t see it as a statement of hating one’s own country. It may not be achievable and it may not be realistic because we are all engulfed in capitalism and materialism but in its original concept as an ideology, it is neither evil or unpatriotic.

The reason The Daily Mail seeks to demonise people like Ralph Miliband, stems from their own fear of alternate ideology that may affect the minority which is the ruling class. Their incoherent hatred is not to protect their millions of readers; it is to protect their own wealth that could be dramatically exposed in any sort of socialist or liberal country. You can’t blame them either; I mean why would they want to give that up? However, to say they are speaking for Britain is a preposterous lie.

As a capitalist country we have those who benefit hugely from Capitalism and those who capitulate into a life of misery under the weight of expectation that comes up with the false pretence that happiness only come by keeping up with the Jones’s. You also have those who just can’t grasp it and live a life of right wing victimisation because of their inability to cope or be what is socially regarded as a success.

In Britain, capitalism just about works thanks to some socialist input after 1950’s reforms made basic education, health and social welfare paid for from taxes and free at the point of delivery. If Paul Dacre (the editor of The Mail) and his family (The Rotherithes) had their way, none of these social reforms would have been carried out and Britain would now be suffering the huge and shocking health crisis that engulfs America, the alleged leaders of the free world who chose aggressive capitalism.

With modern day Conservatism there are changes taking place, with a general acceptance by the likes of David Cameron that as an ideology, to survive, it must, whether they like it or not, make a slow shift towards Conservative Liberalism as people become more educated; that is why there is so much conflict within, with the traditional right wing homing towards certified nutter, Nigel Farage, who convinces the old guard that there was once a golden age of summer meadows and trout streams where the Serfs knew their place.

Without Liberal or Left-wing ideology to moderate it, Conservatism would swing wildly back to the far right, feudalism would return and the education and health systems would become places where only the rich could go. That’s how the Rotherithe family who own the Daily Mail always have and always will want it, so they can steal and keep all the wealth whilst they shoot Partrides, Pheasants and Peasants.

That’s how much the owners of The Daily Mail love Britain.


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