Graham Corker Art!

Posted on October 12, 2013

If there is one thing that fills me with glowing admiration, it is seeing people pursuing their hobbies and dreams.

Whether it is writing, playing music, art, photography,competing in marathons, running chartered fishing boats or in my case publishing blogs that light up your lives twice a week, social network sites are full of people fulfilling their dreams and showing off their creativity or ability for little or no reward.

One such person is my friend, Graham Corker, an artist, who in my eyes, carries a unique ability with pencil, ink or brush.

I am shamelessly promoting Graham’s webpage on this site because like me, he encourages and cajoles people into doing what they love rather than just existing in a transparent world that, driven by the myth of capitalism, makes them believe that they should toil in abject misery for five days a week with the only reward being  a shit holiday once a year, retirement, then death.


Graham is under no illusions that to make money from his talent will be very difficult. He has no connections with the elite or within the media, so he has to just back himself to get himself out there and hope that, with resilient perseverance, he will get noticed and make a few quid for his efforts.

If Graham was related to Paul McCartney or a member of the Old Etonian establishment, I would have little doubt he would have galleries all over London and beyond but he hasn’t, so he will just have to make do and find his own way.

However, this blog page often gets several hundred page views a week, so if I can get him noticed by just a few of those viewers, I will feel better for it.

So go on, take a look around his site and view some of his work.

I think you will be rather impressed.


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