Has Everyone Had Enough of Israel?

Posted on August 4, 2014

Before the barbaric Lebanon incursion and the mass migration and illegal settlement of Jews from places such as Russia in the 1990’s, Israel, a state created as a homeland (in 1947) for persecuted Jews, received almost total Western support in their battles with Arabs as they sought to maintain their new homeland.

However, a UK poll last week suggested that just 15% of British people sympathise with Israeli aggression and the treatment of Palestinian’s that. on the face of it, is virtually a mirror of Apartheid.

I can’t pretend to be an expert on Middle Eastern affairs but it doesn’t take much reading to begin to understand that the Israel government are operating with far right policies that in an intellectually evolving world, are seen just as disgusting and barbaric as those undertaken in the past by nations such as Nazi Germany, South Africa, America and yes, the good old UK (see Northern Ireland during the Thatcher years).

Young people of my son’s age who study history and world affairs, were born in a post cold war world, so they have no personal experience of the propaganda that led the masses to believe that Israel were the Western goodies whilst the Arabs were good for nothing baddies who sided with the nasty Commies.

It is those young people in particular, who cannot see the justification of occupation, repression and the mass slaughter of innocents, regardless of nationality or religion.

Israel come out with the same line every time they embark on the kind of mass slaughter (brutally put upon the Jews in WWII) by saying they have a right to defend themselves…And Palestinians living in abject occupied poverty don’t?

The more and more you read about occupation, de-housing, areas being hemmed in, kids getting beaten up by Israelis as parents turn a blind eye, and raw sewerage from illegal settlements being emptied down hills on to Palestinian homes, the more you realise that this is good old fashioned ethnic cleansing from a racist Government.


Israel are killing innocent citizens

You really would think, judging by history, Israeli would know better than to operate in the same way as they were treated in 19th and 20th century right across Europe (before Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’) wouldn’t you?

The bullied have become bullies and they have to be stopped, though for the time being, the USA are refusing to sign a UN document investigating Israel for countless war crimes in the past month. Make no bones about it, the billions of dollars of aid that comes from America every year is being used to fund ethic cleansing.

So, if I was a Palestinian living in a cave after being turfed out of my home by illegal settlers, I would throw a firework, especially if I had no army to protect me against a well drilled US funded military machine. I would do so because I would no loner care if I lived or died, as I would not not be able suffer the humiliation I was dealt on a daily basis.

Terrorists, as Americans and the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) like to call them, evolve from one thing and one thing only…Sustained, brutal oppression. Not one of my friends would live the life of a Palestinian without one day, reaching boiling point and throwing whatever ever they could at their oppressors, even themselves.

So in Britain, people are turning their backs on Israel and their Apartheid like policies but  where it really counts is in the good old US of A, a country that claims to be the bastion of liberty and democracy…What a loaf of old bollocks that is.

After the Balfour agreement, Palestinians had two choices…Live in peace as second class citizens and watch their land being occupied, or fight for the cause. They chose the latter and have been annihilated ever since, by Israel and America, the land of freedom that has interfered in countless countries across the world, deposing democratically elected governments under the bullshit banner of God.

To say that all Americans and Jews are bad is wrong but anyone who speaks out risks being demonised by the likes of Fox TV, the right wing propaganda American news station…Jews and Americans are trying to stand up against this mess but are being demonised for speaking out whilst our own news channel the BBC, are perpetually accused of having a left wing agenda because they dare show pictures of the body parts of infants being carried in plastic bags by grieving parents as if though they were meat from the local butchers..How dare the BBC and Jeremy Bowen demonise Israel and Benjamin NetanNazi for mass slaughter?

Fox TV: News for retards

For this madness to stop, it needs Jewish people in Israel to be brave and stand up for civil rights and it needs Palestinians to be brave choose and a leader who might take a Mandela type approach to freedom rather than stirring up aggression.

As the current situation stands, Israel will never give up its adopted homeland and Hamas will not rest until the sea runs red with Jewish blood, so it appears like an impossible war to solve.

Perhaps what it needs more than anything, is a populist uprising in America (like what we are seeing in the UK) to sway opinion and force congress to think again about how they fund their Middle Eastern airstrip of oppressors.

What I can see happening is that decent non Israeli Jews  will gradually distance themselves from Israel and it will become a separate entity from Judaism; it will just be a state of America and religion won’t really come into it.

I am not anti Jewish, I am just anti-Israel under its current regime…The world is full of brilliant Jewish scientists, academics, authors and surgeons that in the 20th century, despite the evil that was bestowed upon them, helped make the world a better place.

I really do wonder what they would make of the behaviour of their 21st century relatives who are inflicting Nazi type misery on innocent civilians with money given to them by a country that until the 1960’s was rife with anti-Semitism.

It is a desperate world we live in, but as the years roll by, decent people are showing apathy to aggression and slaughter and Hawkish nations like America and Israel are beginning to look like desperate relics of the cold war.

My view is perhaps simplistic, but surely I am right when I say that needless slaughter has to stop?

The tide is turning but for now, we just have to sit back and watch in anger as Israel shoot those Washington funded bullets again!

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