Is What We Become a Question of Morality?

Posted on August 29, 2014

I dropped my oldest son, George, off to his first day at work today and as he walked, slightly apprehensively, towards the reception, I wondered, with a lump in my throat, whether I had given him the right guidance in life with regards to how we value others and the morals we adhere to.

The great moral compass has been intriguing me lately, because we all operate within what we perceive to be the correct things to do and say and how we treat our fellow human beings. We are all different but we tend to stick to or are attracted to people who have roughly the same beliefs as us; it’s how humans work, we struggle outside of our own moral comfort zone.

For example, most of my peer group tend to have the same values, within reason, as I do, and those I meet along the way who don’t, drift off because they have a different set of standards that may or may not be perceived to be higher or lower than my own.

I know someone quite well who is a devout Christian, who sticks to his principles, undoubtedly frowning or despairing of my sporadic behaviour that can often revolve around drunken debauchery and raucous behaviour despite my advancing years. Whenever I see him, the chameleon in me comes out and I act on my best behaviour as I have huge respect for his intelligence and principles.

He undoubtedly sits on a different moral level than me but I respect him as he would never take, lie or deceive me. What’s there not to like about that?

However, it is when I see things that happen at my own perceived lower end of morality scale, when anger and hatred emanates from me, even if I know that anger can often be a negative emotion that gets in the way of us living our lives.

There have been plenty of examples recently where people in power feign morality despite a history of imperialism, banking fraud and jobs for the boys and I guess what gets to me, is the apathy the masses have towards being lied to on a daily basis.

Just this morning we have had the president of the USA moralising about the worrying and disturbing illegal Russian incursion into Ukraine, a sovereign state since the collapse of communism. This is all well and good and whilst what Russia is doing is aggressive and alarming to us in the West, it is worth looking back in history and seeing what America did when they felt a threat from democratically elected countries such as Cuba and Chile.

Why they attacked them of course and if you take time to read what they did in Chile, you will, if you have any morals of course, find it deeply disturbing stuff that was fully backed by Pinochet’s old mate, our very own Margaret Thatcher, a woman who somehow got a £10 million state funeral for supporting Apartheid, breaking up society and creating a culture of gross greed.

There is also the recent, desperate, revelations that HealthCare organisations are being sold off to anyone who is prepared to make large donations (£1.5 billion in total) to the Tory party in exchange for becoming a peer…One of them, coincidentally, was the best man of our honourable chancellor, George Osborne.

If you think I am being a conspiracy theorist, check out these facts.

  • Circle Health was gifted £1.36billion worth of health service work after several ­of its investors gave about £1.5million to the Tories
  • Care UK has contracts worth another £102.6million. Its chairman John Nash, a great guy, I am sure, was made a peer after boosting Tory coffers by £247,250.

Circle Health’s parent company, Circle Holdings PLC, is owned by a series of hedge funds.

Lansdowne Partners (Osborne’s mates) has 29.2% stake, and it’s founder, (Sir) Paul Ruddock recently got awarded a Knighthood (For his services to the arts don’t you know?) after donating £692,592 to the Tories. David Craigen, who gave the party £59,000, is also involved in Lansdowne.


Ruddock: You Wouldn’t trust This Guy

Meanwhile another hedge fund company, Invesco Perpetual owns 28.7% of Circle Holdings. It was set up by Sir Martyn Arbib, who donated £466,330.

The list goes on…Robin Crispin Odey is the founder of Odey Asset Management, which owns 14.8%. Mr Odey donated £220,000. Michael Platt, founder of BlueCrest Capital, with its 5% stake in Circle Holdings, has gifted the party £125,000.

Since the Tories health reforms, which no-one voted for, Circle Contracts profits have soared from £64 million to £174 million…Who gave the Tories permission to sell healthcare to their mates?

Then you see that, almost without exception, that every job in the judicial system, corporate banking, the high ranks of the armed services, the media and politics is handed out under the spires of Oxford and Cambridge. Some call it Oxbridge, but I can confirm that there is no such place, though I think Jeffrey Archer may have claimed he went there.

Social engineering isn’t a democracy for fuck’s sake, it’s a form of moral bankruptcy that is draining the nations resources and denying intelligent people a right to a voice. We should get angry at these fuckers, not some pathetic Jeremy Kyle addict who claims £78.00 a week in albeit, morally dubious, disability benefits.

The fact is, the morally dubious who claim benefits by fraud (I don’t particularly like them much by the way) cost the British public 15 times less than companies who owned by those in the higher echelons of society, who operate aggressive tax avoidance schemes before receiving a Knighthood for their efforts.

If we are going to be fair with society, surely we should offer these titles to the poor who have ripped off the public as well as the rich…

“Chantelle Mcspannerhead, you have watched 2600 episodes of Jeremy Kyle and smoked approximately 16000 Superkings since 2004, all paid for by the state…I am proud to now announce  you as Dame Chantelle McSpannerhead…Right, who’s next…Aaah..Mr Green…Congratulations on your remarkable achievement of paying a three billion dividend to your wife in Monaco..”

So, as a consequence, I admire those who operate on a higher moral plane than me but I despise those who are are on lower one, the type of cretins who justify their acts genocide or banking fraud by mocking a love of God almighty and having a bucket of ice chucked over their heads.

All I have tried to instil in my kids is not to steal, not to cheat, pick up litter, look after those who have shown them love, kindness and loyalty, to walk past a tramp in the street and question how they got there, to always read behind the lines and question everything that is being spouted by self serving media groups owned by despicable individuals such as the Murdoch’s and Paul Dacre.

If my children end up apathetic and without opinion, with their heads rammed into a bucket of KFC, it is only then that I will know that I have failed them.

2 Replies to "Is What We Become a Question of Morality?"

  • Karen Embury
    August 30, 2014 (11:58 pm)

    Excellent piece.

    • Chantelle McSpannerhead
      September 3, 2014 (11:57 pm)

      Lambert and Butler actually!

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