Katie Hopkins, Charlie Brooker and Establishment Cover Up’s

Posted on January 5, 2015

After what seems to have been a never ending Christmas, many of us are returning to normality for the first time since the 19th December last year.

When I say normality, I am increasingly aware that in Britain there is no such thing as normality after the consumer obscenity of Black Friday and the media demand for drunken violence on Mad Friday. We now (today) have what salivating solicitors are describing as Divorce Monday, which, I presume, is inspired by people believing in the process of new year, new start?

In a couple of weeks’ time we have Depressing Monday, the day when all the nutters caught up in the retail chaos of Christmas receive their credit card bills and count the cost of a lust for useless crap. Useless crap demanded by their children who are addicted to wanting things because mass marketing that bombarded them from every direction, has brainwashed them in to thinking they are hopeless without gadgets.

The masses have become so obsessed with the need for certain days to be labelled that if the media initiated a day called Suicide Sunday, there would be tailbacks from the M23 right up to the edge of Beachy Head, with many of them dressed in the clothes they got from the Next sale at 5:00 am on Boxing Day.

Katie Hopkins would then turn up live at the scene on some awful daytime TV show and claim that she would rather eat a sandwich full of dog turds than mix with these lot, especially if they were Scottish.

Katie Hopkins may be objectionable but by God, she is not in the same league as the thin skinned sad cases (12,000 and counting) who have signed a petition demanding she should be arrested for offending Scottish people after calling them Jocks who shouldn’t be allowed treatment for Ebola in England. This, and I am not joking here, has been enough for the Scottish Police launch an investigation at the cost of the tax payer.

What’s wrong with the Scottish, have they gone soft? Rob Roy must be spinning in his grave.

The fact is, what Katie Hopkins says is of no relevance, no matter how offensive she tries to be. She is not a politician, she is not a member of the Royal family, she is not even a sports star or a Thespian. She is a professional narcissist, laughing all the way to the bank off the back of pathetic people who can’t wait to be offended. We are heading in to dangerous and unaffordable territory if every attention seeking cretin who offends people on twitter is to be arrested.

Has anyone ever thought, if they hate Hopkins that much, what would happen to her mental state if there was no reaction to her calculated incendiary tweets? Why, she would collapse back in to oblivion of course. However, the public gets what the public wants and by reacting, all that is happening, is a swelling of Hopkins’s bank account and days upon days of wasted time in police stations.

Katie Hopkins on 'This Morning' TV programme, London

Hopkins: Getting Rich by Offending the Thin Skinned

All this plays beautifully in to the hands of the establishment who need distractions whilst they are frantically trying to cover up mass transfers of wealth to the wealthy (courtesy of quantitative easing) and delay an investigation in to serious allegations of abuse and even murder by paedophile rings linked to royalty, political parties of all colours, and the very people who we are supposed to rely on to uphold law and order, the police.

Two people have already resigned from heading up the child abuse inquiry because they are “too close” which makes you wonder how far away you have to go from the establishment to find someone without connections to alleged sexual abuse within it? Perhaps we should offer the job to someone from the next series of Channel 4’s Benefits Street, the show designed to turn the slightly immoral rabidly on to the slightly more immoral?   However much they try, they are still nowhere near as immoral as swathes of the establishment.

I read a satirical piece somewhere that perhaps the job to head up the child abuse scandal should go to someone nice from another country who we all like, but the only person they could come up with was Roger Federer. With an excess of £100 million in the bank, I have a hunch it may be a challenge too far for the great man.

So whilst everyone obsessed with the Black Friday, Mad Friday, Katie Hopkins and X Factor, the establishment laughed over bottles of Dom Perignon and carried on stealing all our cash and ridiculed or paid off (or maybe knocked off?) anyone putting their head above the parapet to expose them for alleged child abuse.

In fairness, not all the establishment are immune as  it would seem that Mr Popular (Prince Andrew) has a few issues to deal with right now. Maybe the Government have allowed for him to be thrown to the lions as yet another delaying tactic to the monster scandal that could emerge before the election and basically bring down and destroy politicians from all the major parties?

Just as I got too depressed to carry on, I saw on TV the only thing worth watching this Christmas and that was Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe 2014, a satirical review of last year. I have read several of Brooker’s excellent newspaper articles over 2014 and I really enjoyed this review, especially the very interesting but disturbing five minute documentary on  linear politics (see below) by Adam Curtis.

I emailed this to my friend Trevor in Australia and he put me on to Black Mirror, a series of dramas written by Charlie Brooker that were on Channel 4 over the last year or two. They are absolutely brilliant, challenging the viewer to imagine what, with the development of technology, we may become in the future. It kind of had me thinking of a modern day version of George Orwell’s novel 1984, but  laced with black humour.

I rarely recommend television dramas, probably because I rarely watch television, preferring the radio instead, but I heartily recommend this if you have not seen it yet. It’s on Channel 4 Player or Netflix.

In the meantime I must crack on…Katie Hopkins is doing a new show called “I’m a Celebrity with Ebola, Get Me out of Here” and I really don’t want to miss it.

2 Replies to "Katie Hopkins, Charlie Brooker and Establishment Cover Up's"

  • Lorna Harrison
    January 6, 2015 (8:53 am)

    We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the world was turning!! The greedy covert power to get what they want with a psychopathic lack of morals, the ignorant believe what they are told and are easily confused or distracted by shiny things on TV or in shopping malls, the enlightened free thinkers who wish for fair play, transparency and accountability keep the craziness in check, barely but I’m glad they bother to speak out! Keep up the good work Bob!

  • karen
    January 6, 2015 (12:17 pm)

    So good again! Am rather concerned as finding myself agreeing with so much of what you say.

    Ps January is divorce central because a couple have just had to spend Christmas and New Year together. So much time……

    K xxx

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