Clarkson – The People’s Bully

Posted on March 12, 2015

If you were to meet Jeremy Clarkson in a pub and happened to challenge him on something like, let’s say for example, the Environment, his response would be to put his fingers in his ears and shout;


His friends would guffaw at you as you shrunk in front of them and you would be left to wonder why you opened your mouth only to hear as a response, a cruel and vindictive assassination of your character.

I used to watch Top Gear when my oldest son was young and I would laugh along when they flipped over a Robin Reliant or put a cow on the roof of a car, but as the episodes rolled on, I became more and more tired of their racist, homophobic and sexist behaviour in the name of humour.

Clarkson has since had a plethora of sacking offences that now include a punch; the last time I checked it was called gross misconduct which results in the instant termination of employment…unless of course you are a bully who has the backing of the establishment.

We are led to believe that Clarkson is a maverick, an outspoken man of the people who challenges political correctness, but he is nothing of the sort. Based firmly in the Chipping Norton Set, he is firm friends with Rebekkah Brooks, David Cameron and his employers – the Murdoch Empire. He has an Army of political and media bullies as his metaphorical bouncers.


Clarkson: I Don’t like Him

There is nowhere else in civilised society where you could get paid £3m a year for being a bully, but it appears that there is a large section of Britain who yearn for a golden age, where as an employee of an organisation, you could merrily call someone a coon, grope the secretary and mercilessly punch someone in the face if you didn’t get your way.

I have worked with bullies like Clarkson, they are horrible individuals who will stop at nothing in a quest to be loud, brash and beyond criticism to a point where they shout down and demonise others. Clarkson hides behind his behaviour by doing funny things like blowing up a Toyota pick-up and saying things like, “THIS…IS…A GIRL’S CAR…BUT THIS…IS… A MAN’S CAR!”

I am not really a ‘petrol head’ type to be honest (so I am a bloody queer in Clarkson’s book) but I can see some of the appeal of the programme as Top Gear presenters embark on a lot of petrol headed fantasies across the globe with albeit, blatantly stage managed results.

It is not really the content of the programme that offends me because it very much a case of each to their own and to be honest, I don’t really watch much television these days unless it is the news or a major sporting event so I am in no position to be a TV critic.

No, it is not Top Gear that offends me, it is purely Jeremy Clarkson, because I have come across too many Jeremy Clarkson types in my life and I know just what they are like.

Clarkson is a self-righteous pig of a man who has gone through life bullying, demonising and assassinating the characters of those who challenge him. He does this safe in the knowledge he has the Prime Minister and the Murdoch media to protect and champion him.

So, in my opinion, he is just a pathetic, unsavoury cretin, who deserves a hearty punch aimed back at his podgy smug and venomous face.

Just an opinion of course.

4 Replies to "Clarkson - The People's Bully"

  • Karen
    March 12, 2015 (5:31 pm)

    Have to agree Bob, he is all you say and more. He also looks bloody rough first thing. on a Sunday morning at WH Smiths in Chipping Norton buying his Marlboro.

  • Craig Killick
    March 12, 2015 (9:17 pm)

    Bellend, yes. Bore, yes. Bully – not so sure. It’s a character.

    Perhaps we live in such a sterile world now because all the GUARDIAN READING, HOMOSEXUAL, VEGETARIAN, FOX LOVERs created a set of politically correct principles that went to far.

    We’re allowed to have women’s business groups, black music awards, etc. etc. to the point where white males might now feel marginalised. As such, people like Clarkson will (like it or not) become working class heroes because they speak their mind – using the same banter that most men (and some women for that matter) use socially.

    Add age into the mix and it gets more confusing for some. My mum grew up in 40s/50s London and was actively told how to treat the ‘coloured people’ coming over on the boats. Even me, growing up in the 70s and seeing some of the racist and sexist garb on mainstream TV even then, I have to say we’ve come a long way.

    Maybe it’s a little too far though. There’s no co-incidence there’s a backlash from the people with UKIP and Clarkson fans a plenty. If there was more balance in general, perhaps there’d be a meeting of acceptance in the middle.

    Right. Off to my white men’s fully able bodied only business networking group where I intend to bitch slap that whining twat from accounts.

    • Bob
      March 13, 2015 (12:24 am)

      Fair post Craig, a bit of controversy worthy of debate.

      But there is my point, it is a debate, something the likes of Clarkson of Farage will not tolerate as they just shout a lot and ridicule anyone who disagrees.

      I saw a picture of Cameron, Clarkson and that jumped wanker, Alex James from Blur, at some knob end musical festival and I nearly threw up.

      He plays the part of working class hero but he is entrenched in the establishment…In my opinion.

  • John
    March 13, 2015 (12:22 am)

    I love cars and love Top Gear but everything has a life span. Clarkson is a bit of a cock, in my opinion, well past his sell by date and needs to go. Sky will welcome him with open arms where he can fade into obscurity in a cloud of Marlborough Light smoke at no cost to the licence payer.

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