The Economy is Officially Boring Reading…

Posted on May 5, 2015

The other day I wrote a spoof post for the Daisy Cutter, an on-line football magazine, about Harry Redknapp jumping on the Bournemouth FC promotion wagon.

The reaction to this was quite remarkable, with over two and a half thousand “likes” in response to it. This was the most publicity I have had regarding a post since I wrote something about Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine and before that, when I got harassed by an aid of Tory MP Caroline Nokes.

The post on the Ukraine went pretty much viral across former Eastern Bloc TV stations which, to be honest, was pretty disturbing at the time.  However, it was not as disturbing as some little snide threatening to sue me unless I offered a cash donation to a favoured charity.

Anyway, the spoof article was actually just a bit of fun and it hardly took me any time to write it as it needed no research because it was essentially just stuff that came out of my head and straight on to the keyboard.

Yet it was incredibly popular, which turned out to be the complete opposite to an article I wrote last week about the economy which was based on researching facts and solid information. It took me bloody ages to compose it, yet I think one person liked it and no-one else bothered even reading it.

That’s the problem with writing about the economy, not many people are interested in it to any further degree than a misguided assumption that the Labour party wrecks it and the Conservatives rescue it. I published facts and figures stating that this is nonsense but the apathy remained as strong as ever.

So after all the jousting and one-upmanship between political leaders over the last month or so, there are two things that will win a general election, those being the economy or the NHS. As ever, the electorate will be torn between having a good health service or a perceived extra £50.00 a month in their pocket if they earn around £50k.

Partly because of greed and partly because of fear created in the press, by Thursday, I guarantee that the electorate will sway to the perceived safety of our masters in the Conservative Party because by nature, Britain is, in 2015, still addicted to serfdom. I think that is a terrible shame as I believe we are a better and fairer society than one that fawns like peasants at the birth of an exceptionally privileged child.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that it is obvious my more popular blog posts or articles in sports magazines are based around humour and/or self-depreciation. For instance, I posted something on Facebook the other week about TTIP and no-one gave a toss, whilst a picture of a cute dog will get enough “likes” to satisfy an amphitheatre of narcissists.

Most of my blogs or posts that receive recognition are based around my own experiences of being useless. Things like the inability to change the clock on my car dashboard, no longer having the flexibility to put a sock on without hopping across the room and crashing into the wall, not knowing how to work the microwave in my flat, or taking nine months wrecking a set of blinds before a woman offers a ten second demonstration on how to operate the bloody things.

To add to that, I have to say that blinds really have long been my nemesis. I must have ruined about eight sets of them in my time and all because no-one has ever offered me a simple demonstration. I now play with them daily, as I just love that satisfying click before they tumble exquisitely to the floor, it is bordering on erotic. It was only when Harry showed me this video, I realised I was not alone.

I have just read that paragraph back and if I was an independent reader, I have to admit I would have found it more amusing than the history of percentage of debt against GDP since 1997. You would have to be a bloody good writer to make that funny, so perhaps I should just give up writing about politics or finance and stick to the tales of an imbecile.

However, during the day, I work at home running my own business and even though this has its bonuses that include a plethora of ‘employee of the month’ awards and the ability to work in my pants, it also means that during quieter times, the Devil can find work for idle hands to do.

It doesn’t take long to find out all the self-serving agendas that are passed through the Government to keep the masses at bay and allow the ruling classes to keep all the cash and blame the imbalance of the economy on those who don’t have the political or financial clout to defend themselves.

I guess I write these things not as a bid to gain popularity, which as an amateur writer, is always nice, but to one, get it all off my chest and two, hope that it will convince maybe just one person not to vote for that load of greedy self-serving pigs on Thursday.

Here’s a picture of a cute dog to convince you all not to do it.


4 Replies to "The Economy is Officially Boring Reading..."

  • James
    May 5, 2015 (10:11 pm)

    Bob – A pack of Kim Jongs finest outside my front door wouldn’t stop me getting to the booth to prevent going back to the seventies with Milliband and wee Jimmy Krankie at the helm!

    • Bob Lethaby
      May 5, 2015 (10:33 pm)

      I only published that comment in order to protect free speech; it’s content however, comes straight from the Daily Mail Comments page.

      The same newspaper that is owned by a family who stack all there money offshore and claim huge EU subsidies on their private estates.

      Not only is that paper owned by Britain’s biggest benefit scroungers, it is also owned by a family that wanted a coalition with the Nazi’s (Hoorah for the Blackshirts).

      The public gets what the public wants.

      Rule Brittania.

  • kirsty
    May 6, 2015 (10:37 am)

    Because you made me laugh, you made me read your “boring”, informative deficit blog! Keep writing.

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