Angels and Devils Emerging From the Refugee Crisis

Posted on September 8, 2015

Reading an on-line article by Peter Hitchens that my friend published on Facebook the other day, confirmed all my suspicions that those who think that reading or indeed writing for the Daily Mail, makes them decent, are actually a very sinister bunch.

The Daily Mail ‘comments’ are written by the type of men who sit in their allocated seat at the local pub, drinking from a metal tankard with something like ‘Barney’ written on it, spouting racist drivel about why we won the war and how Churchill would be spinning in his grave that once had to be protected from the necrophiliac intentions of Ed Milliband’s Marxist father.

The ‘comments’ pages on these incendiary and hate fuelled articles in The Mail, are like something from Viz magazine, stopping just short of requesting machine guns on the white cliffs of Dover and accusing Jeremy Corbyn of digging up the corpse of Saddam Hussein and having anal sex with it in a Loony Lefty Islington mosque.

The BBC get it in the neck as well, with the ranters claiming that Hitchens should be working for them instead of some soppy lefty in thick rimmed glasses who reports on dead bodies with a typical BBC left-wing agenda, claiming that small children washed up on a beach is a tragedy, rather than being a blessing in disguise that it was one less Syrian who will turning up on a British doorstep that our fathers fought and died for.

In the meantime, as the British government cowers to the threat of UKIP brigade who are acting like they are extras in a 2015 re-make of Little Britain, Angela Merkel, just weeks after being compared to Adolf Hitler due to the draconian austerity measures forced upon the shattered Greek economy, is suddenly being dubbed ‘Mother Angela’ as the bookies slash their ‘bet in play’ odds on her becoming the the next winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.


Sharing the love: Refugees are greeted with boundless enthusiasm in Germany

The turnaround in fortune for Angela Merkel is extraordinary. Germany is now enjoying international popularity that the most flamboyant PR companies in the world couldn’t dream of, with TV pictures across the globe showing bemused refugees arriving at train stations to be greeted with celebrations reminiscent of those seen when the victorious German World Cup team arrived back from Brazil last summer.

It is worth mentioning the World Cup actually, because the German squad featured several members of immigrant families, including Sami Khadira (Tunisia), Mezut Ozil (Turkey), Lukas Podolski (Poland), Jerome Boeteng (Ghana) and Miroslav Klose (Poland). Hitler would be so proud!

Underneath the bunting of German love, compassion and heartfelt emotion lies pragmatism. By being first to react positively to the Syrian refugee crisis, not only have Germany collected thousands of international brownie points, they have, in affect, bagged the best Syrian brains, the best Syrian manual workers and potentially, the best Syrian Sportsmen.

As an example, whilst Bayern Munich’s (Germany’s wealthiest football team) cash input and building of training camps is indeed admirable, it also offers them a unique opportunity to cherry pick the potential stars of the future. The work ethic and commitment of a refugee given the lifeline of another opportunity to prosper, is often a formidable one so don’t be surprised if you see a Syrian in a Bayern Munich or Germany football shirt in a decade or so.

Germany has an ageing population and a skill shortage and for its massive economy to grow and for future pensions to be paid, this influx of people is a dream come true. Their attitude to refugees is a master-stroke as they are suddenly the most popular country on the planet and they have the added bonus of an almost instant solution to their skill shortage…two birds killed, one stone thrown.

Naively, I initially saw the German stance as a necessary act of compassion as they continue to emerge from their dark history that was created by rampant National Socialism in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Then I realised that Germany aren’t the biggest economy in Europe for nothing. They are taking full advantage of their unprecedented popularity and why not, I say.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Peter Hitchens spouts his diatribe and fifty-something men in mustard trousers react with poisonous tongues, demanding a return to the green, green fields of home, and the repatriation of refugees and dirty foreigners. Britain is in danger of being seen as a venomous joke across Europe and that will set a dangerous precedent to our economic future that sits, potentially, outside the EU.

Peter Hitchens is not a stupid man, his use of the English language is that of someone highly educated, however, his irresponsible, hate filled journalism does nothing for the Britain he and his employers claim to love and want to protect. All it does is distract the masses from the financial activity of the media giants, landowners, banking institutions and pharmaceutical companies that are bleeding the country dry.

If Peter Hitchens claims to love Britain so much, why does he work for Rothermere Continuation Ltd (owners of Mail Group) who are based in the tax haven of Bermuda? Peter Hitchens works for The Mail because he is a clever journalist who is undoubtedly, fantastically rewarded for writing articles to distract the masses by cajoling them into seething xenophobes with irrational hatred towards immigrants.

Meanwhile, Germany, basking in the unfamiliar glow of being the world’s most loved nation, continues to grow, prosper, and create jobs for any race or religion.

Cheers Peter, you’re a trooper mate.

*Google ‘Rothermere Continuation Tax Dodge’ and you will find plenty of information about them.

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