A TED Talk to Make You Think!

Posted on January 7, 2016

Some of you may have seen TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) talks on the internet before; some are very good, some are pretty irrelevant to many of us.

The most recent ones of these I have seen was sent as a link to me by a friend (Kirsty) and it was as depressing as it was interesting, demonstrating that we, as humans, are terrible for not questioning and challenging the Status Quo, taking decades or even centuries to be enlightened, despite the bleeding obvious staring us in the face.

The video (which has recently been banned) is only five minutes in duration but if like me, you have a short attention span, it is worth watching 2-3 times to digest the information and draw your own conclusions.

From a personal point of view, I found it quite ironic that I received the link on the same day that my accountant informed my corporation tax bill for year-end April 2015 (payable on the 31st January) would be more than that paid by social media giant, Facebook.

For the record, I live a moderate, even frugal existence, and whilst I accept that tax on profits has to be paid, I do get somewhat irked by paying more tax than the likes of multi-billion pound corporations such as Facebook (4k corporation tax in the UK last year) who are just an example amongst many.

This also came in a week where Prime Minister, David Cameron, expressed his concerns on LBC Radio about the future of his three children and their ability to afford to get on the housing market in the future. With an estimated net worth of £30 million, I don’t know how he sleeps?

Is David Cameron taking the piss or does he really believe “we are all in this together”?  

As I thought about writing this post, I received another link from another friend (Craig) that allowed me to sum up how I felt about my first week back at work after the Christmas break. It’s by Jarvis Cocker, you may remember him from the 90’s indie band, Pulp.

Beware, there is some bad language but it is straight to the point. It also cheered me somewhat that friends from varying socio-economic backgrounds are concerned about where the world is heading, as we haven’t all got £30m to help our kids out.

*Intriguingly, the link I read about the future plight of David Cameron’s children was published by the right-media giant The Mail, which makes me wonder if they are going after him because his pro-Europe stance?

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  • Karen
    January 8, 2016 (12:39 pm)

    Excellent blog again. My son introduced me to TED talks a while back. Some good stuff out there.

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