Big News From Facebook!

Posted on January 28, 2016

Hold the front page as rumours are abound that Facebook are preparing to make a massive statement in the coming weeks.

No, it’s not the heartwarming news that Mark Zuckerberg is in fact the second coming of Christ after announcing he only has a wardrobe containing just t-shirts and hoodies because he is far too busy concentrating on his Facebook community to worry about fashion.

No, it’s not the sensational news that Facebook have announced they intend on paying back all their unpaid corporation tax on its British profits.

No, it is the sensational news that the emojis are coming and that after years of wondering whether to press the ‘like’ button when someone announces the death of their cat, we can now express our true feelings…except negative ones.


Emojis but no ‘Dislike: The all new Facebook

That is because sadly (or #sadface) what is missing is the much requested ‘dislike’ button in the form of a thumb pointing downwards; apparently because it is too negative.

Can we not dislike the death of a cat, a ‘Carry On’ actor we assumed was already dead, an ageing rock star, or Ravi Shankar, an Indian musician who has now been announced dead on Facebook four times since his genuine death in 2012?

My “RIP Ravi Shankar…great man, great Test batsman” was only funny once and even that is debatable.

Instead of a ‘thumbs down’ we will be allowed to express our feelings of sadness, anger and love, through emojis. This is great, but none of them are fitting enough to describe a victory for Manchester United for example.

Maybe Manchester United have purchased the ‘dislike’ thumb in the January transfer window?

A ‘dislike’ button has long been the most requested addition by Facebook users so it surprises me they haven’t put it on there as I can’t imagine where someone could get upset by its use.

“Cat got run over this morning, fortunately it lived.”


That wouldn’t be nice (although kind of funny) but a genuine friend wouldn’t do that. In that instance it would be a case of deleting the perpetrator or accepting that it is the price to be paid for collecting friends you don’t know or like. A punishment for narcissism if you like…or dislike.

I have lost count of times I have wanted a ‘dislike’ button but it seems, through fear of offence or negative vibes, it is in option that won’t be coming soon.

What  a shame 🙁 🙁


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