Reader Offer – Limited Edition Computer Desk

Posted on February 20, 2016

Bob Lethaby’s blog page is delighted to offer its readers the opportunity to purchase a limited edition chipboard and budget metal computer desk constructed exclusively by famed manufacturer, The Wanklin Mint.

One of only 4000,000 produced, this masterpiece was constructed by four year-old children in a condemned Malayian factory before being lovingly packed and sent budget class, to a warehouse on the Slough Trading Estate.

To apply to become the proud owner of this grey and flecked masterpiece, complete with self collapsing keyboard tray and unfit for purpose plastic wheels,  please send no money now, and simply fill out the details below.


Please send me…number Wanklyn Mint Desk at just £299.99 (or 400 monthly payments of just £29.99). 

I am certify that I, Mr/Mrs………… a clinically insane, social inadequate.

I confirm that I, Mr/Mrs………..already own a Wanklin Mint, Elvis Presley Cuckoo Clock and plate with a Spitfire flying over Dover.

I Mr/Mrs…………in the knowledge you will do it anyway, give the Wanklin Mint permission to release my name and email address to every other purveyor of shite you can think of.

Account number _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sort Code _ _  _ _  _ _

Telephone banking ID…………

Name of First Pet………..

Mothers Maiden Name………….


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  • Gill Dixon
    February 26, 2016 (4:03 pm)

    He he he xx

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