IDS…It’s a Fugging Classic Mick!

Posted on March 19, 2016

When I was seventeen, I worked as a ‘Chain Boy’ which, before you ask, was the name for a structural engineers assistant rather than slang for a youth who went to parties hosted by BBC children’s presenters and MP’s.

I didn’t drive back then, so one of the lads (Mick) I worked with, used to get his dad to pick us up and drive us all back from Aldermaston to Baughurst and Tadley.

On one damp and cold winters evening as we waited for our lift, we saw in the distance the lights of a car that was veering from side, narrowly avoiding the roadside ditches as it did so.

It was Mick’s Dad and he was absolutely smashed.

As we got into his Lada Riva Estate, he virtually fell into the lap of his son and said, “It’s a f-f-f-fugging (fucking) classic Mick.”

It turns out Mick’s Dad, a scientist at the AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) had completed and passed his physics degree and was in something of a celebratory mood.

The subsequent journey home was akin to a thrilling ride at an amusement park, with Mick’s dad informing us about every fifteen seconds that his achievement was a “fuggin classic”. Naively ignoring the peril we were in, we snorted with laughter in the back seats, taking great pleasure from his ravenously drunken and repetitive behaviour.

Word spread of our adventure and my impersonation of Mick’s Dad (which was rather, good even if I say so myself) became the standard response among my close peers and I with regards to a dramatic but amusing event.

So, when it came on the radio last night that IDS (Iain Duncan Smith) had resigned from the Conservative Party, the first words that shot joyfully from my brain and out of my mouth were “OHHH…IT’S A FUGGIN CLASSIC MICK!!!!”

Whilst many describe such moments as a ‘911 Moment’ or a ‘JFK Moment’ indicating that they can remember exactly where they were during major lifetime events, I tend to know them as “FUGGIN CLASSIC MICK” moments.

The reason that this was a “Fuggin classic Mick” is that it has, at a stroke, exposed this Government for what they stand for. No matter who tries to emerge from this mess as a decent human being, they will fail miserably; it is unsavoury as a twenty-pence can of Lidl’s soup.

It is what many people have suspected for some time and is what an increasing amount of traditional Conservatives with decent intention were becoming increasingly concerned about. It is the exposure of the fact that the neo-cons running the country are in it for entirely self-serving purposes.

Of course, it is now a case of who you choose to believe, however, a moral conscience has never stopped IDS before so I can’t imagine where he suddenly garnered one from. It is clear, in my opinion, that he was waiting for an opportunity to fully elope with the Brexit loons and the fact that Osborne and Cameron were getting edgy about the disability cuts gave him the ultimate opportunity to walk and pile the blame on them.

He is dressing his resignation up as being forced to make immoral decisions to sustain the Tory deficit ideology but I just don’t buy that. However, in the highly unlikely event that he is proved right, Cameron and Osborne would be instantly toxic both in and outside their own party and they would be dead men walking, which might not be good news for the pro-EU campaign.

I imagine the Tories loss will end up as the Brexit team’s loss and that IDS will be destroyed politically, probably ending up in UKIP or as a special advisor to Donald Trump or something. In all the time I have followed politics, I have never come across a more objectionable and sinister character than IDS; as a friend of mine said, he would look great in an SS uniform.


Loathsome: Iain Duncan Smith

The obvious IDS fantasy is to lead a successful Brexit campaign that will destroy Cameron and Osborne and force them to resign, leaving Boris Johnson as PM and him (IDS) as Chancellor with Michael Gove as Home Secretary or something similar; a chilling prospect if there ever was one.

Whatever the case, politics is about to get very ugly and with an EU vote on the horizon, it will destabilise the economy and cause uncertainty in the financial sector, so someone needs to get a grip of it all pretty quickly.

We are entering a pivotal era in British history, a period where we can decide whether we are just in it for ourselves or whether we want to show compassion for those who struggle to keep up, whether they are low paid, sick, disabled or mentally challenged.

Unless you are very wealthy and I mean VERY wealthy, there comes a time when we all need assistance that comes free at the point of delivery as part of our social welfare system. However, there are those who will never face such concerns, who will happily bleed it dry for their own personal gain; Iain Duncan Smith is one of those people, he has proved it time and again.

If anything good comes out of this vulgar affair, it will be the collapse of self-serving Governments and a return to a political arena where politicians from both sides slug it out for the betterment of the nation, not themselves.

Personally, after over 30 years, it is heart-warming that I can still say “It’s Fugging classic Mick!” with just as much pleasure as I did in 1985.


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