What Can We learn From Hillsborough?

Posted on April 27, 2016

If anyone has the time or inclination to read the full reports behind the Hillsborough tragedy, it is pretty apparent that in the 1980’s the police, from top to bottom, were in effect working as Whitehall’s boot boys and Whitehall in turn, would cover the backs of the police via the media, even if it meant fabricating stories.

That is a dreadful state of affairs in a democracy yet their are some those in power who still think that state policing is how to govern; one would hope they are in an increasing minority. We can’t live in a world where ineptitude can be alleviated by demonising a group (in this case Liverpool football fans) of people because of a public perception of them that has been carefully constructed in the media.

The Whitehall/Police relationship over Hillsborough can be traced back to the miners strike in 84/85 when the police were virtually forced by the Government to use violence and antagonism against pit workers who were fighting for their livelihoods.

The police were told to actively encourage rioting by taunting strikers, safe in the knowledge that the Government, via the media, could lay all the blame at the fault of men who were in a position where they hadn’t a hope of defending themselves.

When the Hillsborough tragedy happened four years later, the South Yorkshire police knew that Whitehall owed them one and Whitehall delivered, using the despicable Calvin Mackenzie as an outlet to con the British public who were a sitting duck for propaganda during a period where football violence was rampant.


The Police, Whitehall and The Sun framed Hillsborough victims

We can’t change the past and now the families of the 96 have their justice, it is time to move on. What we can do is learn from the past and not let this type of thing to happen again, simply by not allowing a police force to be dictated to by a Government of any colour. A police force is there to protect people, not frame them when they make errors.

To encourage better people to join the police force, rather than bullies and the corruptible, it must be free of political ideology and other weird stuff like Masonic Lodges that pass favours and backhanders under the guise of doing work for charity, often a smokescreen for evil that we have learnt so much about in recent years.

Then the police will earn more respect from those who like me who have always viewed them with suspicion, if not contempt.

RIP the 96.

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