June 2016 in Pictures

Posted on June 30, 2016

As promised to myself (and my dad) I have kept up my recent pledge to take a picture on every day of the month and process it into a video. It is quite remarkable how tragic you can be in middle-age but I actually enjoy it, because I like studying the weather.

That’s what comes of a life that has involved outdoor sports like cricket that can be ruined by inclement weather, and June has fully played its part at wrecking outdoor events.

I am now of an age where I forgot what I did ten minutes ago, so to reflect on the month of weather behind me is, in my world, quite fascinating.

It appears that around the 5th, 6th and 7th June, there was a resemblance of summer but the rest of June has been something of a disaster. However, it did produce some great clouds and you don’t get them very often in the mediterranean or in Dubai.

A small consolation I know…anyway, here they are, with music provided by Primal Scream with their 1992 hit Moving on Up . I hope you enjoy them but if you don’t, I know my dad will.

Click the little square at the bottom right of the video to go full screen.

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