Will Jo Cox’s Tragic Death Result in a ‘Stay’ Legacy?

Posted on June 20, 2016

When the killer of MP, Jo Cox, appeared in court as gave his name as ‘Death to Traitors, Freedom for Britain’ it confirmed any suspicion that this maniac was attaching himself to right-wing campaign groups courtesy of the hatred being spewed out on social and mainstream media.

We are now entering the final stages of the ‘English Social Media Civil War’ and because of it, a decent politician is dead.

Britain First have long been purveyors of hatred to white, left-wing  politicians, yet they have somehow managed to absolve themselves of any wrongdoing, despite what I would regard a history of inciting racial hatred. Why are they not being held to account?

Nigel Farage is another one, stoking up hate, flashing his passport around at every conference like the lunatic he is as he tries to administer a sense of sanity in his witless arguments; arguments that I am so sick of hearing in village pubs from racist blokes called Des, I have spent the month of June as a virtual recluse.

It may seem a ridiculous statement to pin the murder of Jo Cox on Nigel Farage and he can’t be held entirely accountable, but I am not the first to say that the hatred he indulges in was, by sheer law of averages, bound to spill into and influence the brain of someone mentally disturbed sooner or later, and it will again.

Of course Jo Cox’s murderer was mentally ill, you don’t have a sane person undertaking that sort of behaviour, but it does not mean that he hasn’t been influenced by the madness and hatred of the referendum debate, although I am happy to be proved wrong by someone who knows better.

Jo Cox, in my mind, was a victim of a terror attack, otherwise logic will tell you that the killing of Lee Rigby in London was a murder by mental patients, not a terror attack.

If political debate is going to descend into hatred, Jo Cox is just the tip of the iceberg and what is coming out the mainstream media outlets and social media groups is rabid hatred, particularly towards the likes of Jo Cox, who was pro EU and fought for the rights of refugees and immigrants, especially those from war torn Syria.

I wonder what Nigel Farage thought of Jo Cox before she was killed? I bet he hated her.


Murdered by a Terrorist: Jo Cox

The Leave campaigners have somehow managed to hit the right note with a huge swathe of the nation by administering hatred through buffoonery which allows them, to some at least, appear that they are harmless blokes just trying to look after Mr Average and Mr Average is responding by bellowing and shouting down anyone who challenges his logic that comes through the bottom of a personalised beer tankard.

It is a message that somehow, through their own chequered campaign, the Stay campaigners have failed to negate and tragically, it may just be that the death of Jo Cox will rescue their campaign as the masses finally come to their senses and wonder how on earth they got caught up in all the madness of this referendum that, remember, only came about because David Cameron was forced to appease the right-wing nutjobs in his own party.

There are many bad things about the EU in my opinion, and they need resolving with Britain as a major influence in the future; however, what we can’t have is not only an Exit, but an Exit led by right-wing loons with self-serving intention that is so strikingly reminiscent of 1930’s Berlin, Madrid and Rome, it sends chills down my spine.

With that lot in power, as the masses get poorer, resentment and blame will spread and the murders of prominent opposition members will become commonplace, not just a tragic one off. It is so obvious it beggars belief that people actually don’t and won’t see that is what will inevitably happen in the future.

Johnson, Gove, IDS, Farage and Lawson have all got previous when it comes to intolerance and to a man, they will not give a toss about poverty, unemployment or the NHS, as they can always blame it on someone else. It’s what they do and always have done…they are toxic and if it all goes wrong they will clear off to Provence, in fact, Nigel Lawson already has, such is his patriotism.

“Aaah but what about James Dyson? He loves Britain and he wants us to leave!” someone shouted the other day.

The same James Dyson who is so patriotic he moved his factory to Malaysia?

The brutal truth is that if you vote Brexit it doesn’t make you a racist but if you are a racist you will vote for a Brexit. If there is a Brexit and Boris Johnson and company end up running the show, don’t be surprised to hear about more hate crime in the future.

That’s why I am voting to stay in, as I believe you care more for the UK by putting it right in Europe, rather than letting it isolate and rot when out of it.

Unlike that clown Michael Gove, I don’t get tired of what the financial and geopolitical experts think, otherwise I would be filling my own teeth with some mastic I bought in Wickes.

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  • Trevor Hickman
    June 21, 2016 (2:11 am)

    (on a complete and utter tangent) Neville Staple – he of Fun Boy Three and the Specials is playing in Canberra at the end of July (and I’ve just won tickets to go and see him). Looking forward to getting my ska on!

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