May the New Leader as Apathy Starts Winning Without a Fight!

Posted on July 12, 2016

I saw Tessa Jowell (Labour) and Francis Maude (Conservative) sagely nodding in agreement at each other on Newsnight last night and it kind of dawned on me that the centrist political class are slowly but surely winning the day as the proles becomes bored of politics now the referendum is becoming yesterday’s chip paper.

The pro-EU Prime Minister has gone, the Brexit campaigning PM in waiting has gone, the Brexit campaigning man (Gove) who stabbed the PM in waiting has gone, the mad woman (Leadsome) who made Thatcher look warm and peace loving, has gone and will soon be forgotten, and we are left with Theresa May, who looked behind her yesterday to see that every other horse had smashed into a hurdle.

On the Labour side of the house, we have witnessed a vicious campaign against Jeremy Corbyn as the party try to oust him in a bid to be more like the centrist Conservatives who spent a decade themselves trying to be more like New Labour, led by the ultimate Toad of Toad Hall, Tony Blair, of needless war in Iraq fame.

This is as close to a one party state as it gets, because if and when New, New, New, Labour, shift out Corbyn and get a new ‘Labour Lite’ leader possessing enough Oxbridge trained Thespian talent to challenge our new unelected Prime Minister, he or she, will be doing so with policies more or less mirroring those of Theresa May, who will look even more like a dead woman walking the day she triggers Article 50, if indeed, that ever happens.


May: Unelected Prime Minister

For all the radical Brexiteers who wanted to smash the barriers of the political ruling class and bring back their perceived idea of democracy back to these shores, Theresa May is described as Liberal One Nation Conservative, was educated at St Hughs College, Oxford and became Prime Minister because every other candidate was madder or more useless. In the end, no vote was required.

Our country now has an unelected Head of State an unelected Upper Chamber and an unelected Prime Minister…Yeah, democracy rules OK!

As soon as Corbyn either resigns or is found dead in the Scottish Highlands having kicked himself to death, full order will have been maintained, apart from the dreaded triggering of Article 50 and all the ferocious negotiating that will go on between Theresa May and EU members who currently despise the UK (except Scotland of course) for their treachery.

Essentially, and this is where it gets madder than a madman at a mad hatter’s tea party, Theresa May, a Pro-European, will be negotiating for policies and trade deals that just a few weeks ago, were free. How crazy is that? Economists around the planet are scratching their heads and wondering how on earth that actually happened.

Theresa May knows that as part of free trade deals comes freedom of movement, so for those of you who don’t like foreign people, tough luck, Britain needs them if the economy is going to prosper, so that deal will be tied up, make no bones about that.

With some irony, those who wanted Europeans out because they allegedly drove down pay rates, could well be the ones most affected. If employment laws are relaxed with EU regulations no longer in place, cretins like Mike Ashley will be licking their lips if workers rights diminish.

The only alternative to the political ruling class was Jeremy Corbyn, but he has been destroyed in the media and is now deemed unelectable after a major and systematic character assassination by his own party. So, in reality, it appears the masses didn’t really want a change to the system at all, or if they did, they have been talked out of it by believing what they read, which I find sad.

Perhaps the centre ground of politics is what we all want because we deem it as safer than gambling on a change to something more radical that may have an affect on our lives with regards to wealth and health?

If that is the case, I can’t really understand why we had a referendum, because we have ended up with the same political class ruling the show but we are now negotiating with the EU from a position of weakness rather than strength, with a leader who probably has less of a standing on the world stage than the chap who has just resigned.

I think the attitude of the political class was, “Get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, wait for the masses to get bored and find something else to talk about and we can then restore the order of centre ground politics.”

They know that eventually, apathy wins without much of a fight and they also know that in a couple of weeks time the Premier League season starts again and they can crack on with restoring order.

After all it is the best domestic football league in the world…Rupert Murdoch told me!

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