Patricia Lynch QC – An Unlikely Heroine

Posted on August 11, 2016

As I get older, I find it hard to look up up to people or admire anyone in particular, which is a natural thing I guess. It’s great as well, as when I was younger I used to be scared about upsetting people and would be careful about saying what people would like to hear.

Now I just avoid them and walk the dog.

I don’t really like sports people, especially footballers, pop stars are generally manufactured and have nothing interesting to say, the Olympics is full of cheats, and politicians claim allegiance to each other as they sit at their tables sharpening knives and writing out a list of honours for their hairdressers and butlers.

Just as I decided I hated absolutely everyone, up steps 75 year old Patricia Lynch QC.

Lynch was in the process of sentencing John Hennigan (an unsavoury looking character who had been charged with racially abusing a single mother) when he launched a tirade of abuse at Lynch, calling her “A bit of a cunt!”

Cool as a cucumber Lynch replied, “And you are a bit of a cunt yourself.”

“FUCK YOU,” screamed Hennigan.

“And you too,” replied Lynch


A bit of a cunt himself: John Hennigan

Incandescent with rage, Hennigan started banging on the window undertaking Nazi salutes and singing,“Jews, gas them all…” 

In response to this Lynch said, “Yes, yes, we’re all very impressed…take him down.”

Hennigan received 18 months in the clink, which proves that if you look hard enough, there are people out there worthy of the ir status, Patricia Lynch QC being one of them.

The other being the agent of Manchester United footballer, Paul Pogba.

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  • Barry
    August 11, 2016 (2:22 pm)

    How about the potential free world leaders, Trump and or Hillary, surely you have admiration and respect in that department ??.

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