Saudi Dirty Tricks that Avoid the Mainstream Media!

Posted on August 2, 2016

In recent times I have become increasingly aware that C4 news is now the best independent evening news station.

This came more apparent tonight when I watched, with a heavy heart, the humanitarian crisis in the Yemen that we hear little about.

The Saudi forces are actively targeting humanitarian aid and children are starving to death, so why do we hear little about this?


Simple. We are Saudi allies and we are supplying the weapons and the training allowing the Saudi forces to carry out civilian attacks.

It may be true that Britain supplied and undertook the training with only strategic military targets in mind, but the fact is, we are either bad at training, we know what they are doing, or the Saudi military are abusing our trust.

Either way, if we have any degree of morality we should stop what we are doing and have a full review of the Yemen situation.



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