The Summer 2016 – How Did it Fair?

Posted on September 8, 2016

When I speak to people about the summer that has just passed by, I get conflicting stories; some say it was a nice summer, others say it was crap, which just goes to show how our memory works.

Weekend cricketers for instance, base their summer memories on how many games of cricket they have played and how many have been cancelled, but this no real gauge of how a summer has been in reality.

For starters, a hot summer can be blighted by heavy thunderstorms whilst a cool damp one can be interspersed with dry cloudy Saturdays and Sundays where pitches are just about playable. 2015 won’t go down in the history books as a great summer, but our cricket club it will, as we did not miss one fixture, the first time since 1988.

A few weeks ago, my team (Oakley) had all but written off a fixture on the Saturday due to an ‘Autumn Low’ crashing into the country on the Saturday morning. However, between the gales and rain, we completed the game, taking a bigger battering than what was offered by the storm.

This year we had one game rained off and two cancelled out of 16 fixtures, so I guess that would go down as about average in a year that has been a mixture of a few mini-heatwaves in each of the three months of summer with a the odd wet spell, especially in June, which was often cool and wet.

Our last game of the season was completed in dry weather, whilst in Andover, there was biblical thunderstorm turning the streets into rivers and taking branching from the trees, so it is as much luck as anything.

What I have realised since having a dog, is that most days of summer have at least something to offer, as it rarely rains from dawn to dusk in Hampshire and there will at least be a small window of opportunity to stay dry. I have not worn waterproofs since the spring and I can’t remember the lost time I didn’t have shorts on when out and about.

As I have pointed out before, I am a sad case when it comes to the weather, and once again, I have emphasised this by proudly completing the summer season by taking a picture on every day since the 1st June until the 31st August, no matter what it has been like.

Sadder still, I have compiled all these photographs and converted them into a music video. I don’t know why I do this, I guess it is just a hobby that in my opinion at least, is slightly more acceptable than standing on a railway bridge with my hand inside my nylon slacks as the Waterloo to Exeter train speeds beneath me.

It is featured below for your pleasure, with the music provided by Elbow with ‘One Day Like This’.

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