People Don’t Half Talk a Load of Old Shite Sometimes!

Posted on October 21, 2016

One thing I have noticed this week is how people spout a load of old shite as a way of being some sort of outspoken voice of reason on social media.

Over in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, to name but a few war torn countries, there is humanitarian crisis after humanitarian crisis unfolding but all people seem to be talking about is Gary Lineker, a football pundit, having the audacity to show a bit of compassion for people living in squalor. This appears to be a crime.

This all comes down to the reasoning that a few refugees allegedly swinging the lead to get into the UK are administering a threat to our values as a Christian nation. This being the Christian nation where those regularly attending church is under one million, around about 1 in 60 people.

I am not one of those 1 in 60 people and to be honest, I am no expert on christianity or the Lord Jesus Christ, but as far as I can remember, Jesus didn’t decide he was offering goodwill to all men, except those with a bit of stubble on their faces; they could fuck off back from where they came from, the spongers.

That’s not to say there aren’t chaotic issues with the movement of people as the Middle East tears itself apart, however, what have we come to as a nation when we mercilessly pick on the poor and vulnerable whilst conveniently ignoring the raping of Britain’s wealth by asset strippers, sending pantomime villains like Philip Green out to the lions as a temporary distraction.

The same old shite comes out of peoples mouths, “I’m not racist, but!…we didn’t win the war for this….Churchill wouldn’t have stood for this…Enoch Powell had the right idea…we are a Christian country.”

Oh shut the fuck up will you!

Migrants don’t travel on deflated dinghies, under lorries or in freezer cabinets just for the sheer pleasure of giving their mother a piggy back across central Europe; they do it because some bastard has just bombed their house inside out and sprayed it with mustard gas.

For all his sins and daft ideas, Churchill agreed to a war with Germany to end fascism as an ideology (even though he was tempted by the idea) so believe it or not, Europe wasn’t liberated so we could persecute and bully the poor and the vulnerable, it was actually quite the opposite, we were trying to unify it.

As for those who preach Christian values, they know less about christianity than me and that is not much. They say that these people are unchecked and have no identification papers but that is hardly surprising is it?

I can’t imagine that if missiles tipped with nerve agents were arrowing towards my house I would be making a packed lunch and going through my drawers to find my passport and a host of utility bills just in case I made it to Calais. Can those cretins who spout this diatribe from the plush offices of The Mail or The Sun not imagine what it must be like to get bombed from your home?

Here is what Gary Lineker said on Twitter:

“Wonder what makes some people feel, by sheer good fortune of place of birth, superior to others. I need a lie down”.

WHAT A BASTARD…I’ll tell you what, he might have scored 49 goals for England, but if Lineker comes down my pub, spouting all that leftie luvvie nonsense, I’ll shout “OY LINEKER…OUT!”

Of course The Sun, who in fairness, hate dead Liverpool fans and beaten up miners as much as foreigners, want Lineker sacked but it isn’t going to happen. Lineker is a freelance broadcaster entitled to his own opinion, which has nothing to do with presenting MOTD, the Open Golf or whatever else he does, so they might as well shut up.

What right has The Sun to tell Gary Lineker what he can or can’t say? None.

Because it is a fascist newspaper, The Sun thinks it can get people sacked and to shut their mouths, because that is exactly what fascists have done throughout history. This is where it gets interesting as people like to quote Christianity and Churchill whilst behaving and talking like fascists…make your minds up!

To talk like a fascist whilst claiming to be a supporter of Christian values and the freedom Churchill fought for, always seems to be a bit odd to me, as there is hypocrisy in virtually everything that comes from the the fool who is parrot phrasing ‘The Sun Says’ page.

If people read a little section of Wikipedia everyday rather than these rags that claim to be patriotic, I reckon it would be bordering on incalculable how much happier we would be as nation.

The Murdoch and Dacre media groups are not patriotic, they don’t pay any corporation tax and they are constant purveyors of hate. However, at least they are not as dangerous as a nineteen year old who is the sole survivor of a family who have been blown into oblivion by their own president.

Stick ’em on a raft and tow them out to the North Sea I say…that’ll learn ’em.

1 Reply to "People Don't Half Talk a Load of Old Shite Sometimes!"

  • Trevor
    October 21, 2016 (8:01 pm)

    Wow, turn my back for five minutes and Gary Lineker becomes a political activist and the rag-that-is-the-Sun calls him a ‘Leftie Luvvie’ for his views.
    I’ve kinda reached the conclusion with the ‘migrant crisis’ that you have to basically start from a position of compassion. Like you say nobody puts their kid on a raft heading into the abyss out of choice and it is only when bodies wash up on beaches or are shown covered in ash that people are shaken from their lethargy about the situation, and even then the wake up call seems to be temporary.

    I’m sure there are refugees who are ‘less deserving’ than others, but in a world where people are fleeing for their lives in their hundreds of thousands I’m equally sure this number is a tiny minority. I think you have to start from a position of compassion not border protection and then figure out the detail later on when people are safe.

    What a strange world we live in when the Sun uses a 1.99 app to defend a ‘story’ on and then gets upset when someone points out their idiocy. Lazy and spiteful journalism taken to its extreme at a time of slumping newspaper sales. Meanwhile I guess MOTD will have record figures this weekend. Guess it pays to be a ‘Leftie Luvvie’ eh Rupert?

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