Post Brexit Britain

Posted on January 17, 2017

I went into Tesco’s last night seeking a pair of cheap reading glasses for my bedtime book read. I couldn’t find any so I headed to the opticians within the building and out bounded an enthusiastic Polish woman in her mid-twenties.

Her enthusiasm was instantly infectious and she quickly took me to the aisle where they were doing two pairs of rapists glasses for £5:00. She then, with a cheery voice and a big smile, informed me that I should really get a proper eye test.

“Hey, you should really do an eye test with us, they are great, we can even tell if you have a brain tumour.”

She told me this in the same excited manner you would expect from someone telling you that you had just hit the jackpot on the national lottery, however, I got her sentiment and appreciated the delight she took from explaining the gravest of circumstances that can result from a simple eye test.


Rapists Glasses are just £5.00 For 2 Pairs in Tesco’s

If Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall get there way, she and her ilk won’t be around for long, as they will fall outside the points system required to come into the UK. In her place will be a surly individual who treats you like you have just walked on her new deep pile carpet with wellington boots laden with dog shit.

In coffee shops, restaurants, bars and clubs, there will be staff shortages because when these positions become ‘British jobs for British People’ there won’t be queue waiting to fill them, that’s why employers took these EU migrants on in the first place. Cafe and restaurant owners are dreading the outcome of the ‘freedom of movement’ post-Brexit plans.

It’s the same situation with unskilled labour in factories and building sites. By law, employers have not and cannot take on EU labour at a lower rate of pay, unless of course, they (the employer) are operating in the black market, in which case, the owners should be put in prison. Employers take on Eastern European labour for one reason only…they carry out the simple instruction of turning up to work.

How do I know this? Because I have owned an employment agency since 1997 and I have never paid a lower rate to someone doing the same job; it is illegal to do so. If you do it and get caught, you are in big trouble.

I can’t remember one occasion where an Eastern European economic migrant has caused me a problem, either in my own business or whilst being served in a shop bar or restaurant. However, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and Paul Nuttall are detestable creatures who annoy me almost on a daily basis.

Why can’t we create a points system for them and deport them somewhere out of harms way?

Trump Tower perhaps?

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