Can Labour Avoid a Landslide?

Posted on May 5, 2017

From the little I have seen from the council elections  today, the Labour Party look like they are going to get a Michael Foot style trouncing in the general election in a couple of weeks time. Of course, this was always going to be the case where I live in North West Hampshire where the landowners and their serfs traditionally vote in large numbers for the status quo.

I accept that is the way it is down this way, with my Labour vote perennially wasted, even when Maria Miller got caught out as an expenses thief and widened her majority as a result. It is almost like we demand to be abused by these crooks.

One again, I will vote for Labour safe in the knowledge I might as well vote for Donald Duck, but it is interesting talking to people because everyone seems to quite like Jeremy Corbyn, a bit like they did their old Geography teacher who gave it his best shot at making Longitude and Latitude interesting.

However, unfortunately for Jeremy, they won’t vote for him because he is an idealist rather dirty stinking liar who has had his nose in the trough for decades, taking money off hedge fund managers (like Theresa May’s husband for instance) in return for knighthoods and excessive self-serving lobbying.

The reason they won’t for someone they quite like is that even though he has had no expenses scandals or hands in the pockets of those who rape the country and send their dirty cash to the Caymen Islands, he can’t be trusted with the economy.  The economy needs to be ‘Strong and Stable’ in the hands of people like Theresa May and perpetual backstabbers, David Davies, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson…oh and a bloke (Philip Hammond) whose one budget headline job was to administer a NI change in self-employment.

One job and he fucked it up…that’s how strong and stable that clown is.

The graph below shows how ‘strong and stable’ the Conservatives have been since their mates broke the bank, got bailed out with quantitative easing and proceeded to spend all that free cash as well. Meanwhile, mental health patients led in hospital waiting rooms, old people saw their bus routes had been cut, kids discovered the local pool had shut down and that their local school had received an £80k budget cut.


Strong and Stable? Someone’s Having a Laugh Aren’t They?

This ‘strong and stable’ ideology was called austerity.  We were all told (by the son of man whose dad made a fortune advising how to administer tax avoidance in the Cayman Islands) that we were ‘all in this together’ and merely ‘clearing up the mess the others left behind’.

Some people say that they like Jeremy but they can’t vote for him because of his links with terrorists. You can normally read all about this in The Sun where they think that terrorists should be dealt with by shooting them, so they can shoot us back and bomb our pubs before we shoot them some more.

We then send some young lads (who haven’t got a clue what they fighting for) out to a place that looks like the surface of the moon. They then die before they are out of their teens courtesy of a misjudged American missile that was meant to hit a school full of kids.

That’s proper patriotism that is, unlike Jeremy who, being an idealist, would rather, in an ideal world, see that young people don’t die in an unwinnable war that feeds terrorism. Of course, the last person to negotiate with groups who had resorted to terror was John Major, the last Conservative with a conscience. The killing stopped but where is the glory in that for fucks sake?

My vote will count for nothing and I will walk to the polling station surrounded by turkeys voting for Christmas wondering why I am bothering. There is a website going about on the internet about how to tactically vote and here in Andover, with the collapse of UKIP, I am told to vote Labour, which means I can vote with head and heart.

Not that it will do any good when you see these 2015 figures.

Conservative Kit Malthouse 32,052
UK Independence Party Sue Perkins 8,109
Labour Andrew Adams 7,342
Liberal Democrat Alexander Payton 5,151
Green Dan Hill 2,541

I hope that one day our nation will wake up and sniff an aroma coming from their kitchen and realise it is coffee.

It won’t be in 2017 but the very fact that people are starting to question the motives behind the Conservative party suggests a change is coming and the liberation horse is preparing to bolt.

Whether I will still be around by then is open to debate.

Have a nice weekend.


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  • Paddy
    May 11, 2017 (2:39 pm)

    I’m a bit disappointed that when Sue Perkins left Bake off she went and joined UKIP…

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