Mick the London Firefighter – A Change in Order?

Posted on June 17, 2017

When I saw the tweet from Mick, a London firefighter and the following reactions to it, it gave me hope amongst the misery, that ordinary folk have had enough of media barons distorting the truth to protect their own.

When I saw the utter disdain and contempt aimed at The Daily Mail after they published a picture of the guy whose fridge allegedly blew up in the Grenfell flats, it gave me further hope.

All that on top of an election campaign where Theresa May spectacularly lost a 17 seat majority when she thought she was heading for the most ludicrous of election landslides. The timing of all this is, in a depressing, yet hopeful way, is like a piece of dystopian poetry.

Those examples, The Sun trying to be the voice of public, hoping Mick would allow them his words, The Mail trying to blame one poor individual for an inferno that was a perfect storm of a multitude of neglect, are perfect examples of how corporate thieves will rally around to make themselves look honourable.


If you saw The Mail, The Express, The Telegraph and The Sun (all owned by tax avoiding megalomaniacs) in the build up to the election, Theresa May should have had a landslide victory. How could she fail with all that financial backing and intense, vicious, defamation of her rival?

She failed because people are waking up every day and smelling the coffee. They are waking up and seeing public services being stripped, police officers and fireman losing their jobs and dignity, hospital staff working themselves into depression as they leave their 12 hour shift feeling guilty about trolleys full of the elderly, abandoned in corridors.

People with a conscience are seeing people worse off than themselves and wondering how it got to this. How did it get to a point when London land grabbers live in hope that ugly council flats will burn down and councils, either by backhander or by enforced austerity, go for the cheap and dangerous option?

Human compassion is winning people over, but those who have raped the country and caused the division won’t go easily. They will fight by taking down websites, threatening small people with legal action and continually labelling protesters as looters or animals intent on trouble.

Seeing that tower is all so very dystopian. It is a bit like something from George Orwell’s ‘1984’ but it has been coming and there is a rapidly increasing number of proletarians who are appalled that something like this could happen in one of the richest capitals in the world.

Mick’s tweet could have been seen as self-indulgent but it wasn’t. Instead it was a striking and poignant image of what these guys do to save lives and the future trauma they will suffer. Despite all the cutbacks and demonising they have suffered from the likes of perpetual cretin, Boris Johnson, they had no choice to take on an inferno that looked like something from Mad Max.

The firefighters at the scene, the paramedics and ambulance staff, the police desperately trying to calm people down amongst the madness of it all, the nurses and surgeons treating melting victims, the mental health people who will have to deal with the traumatised, all have had their services cut and their wages frozen in the name of austerity.

Since austerity began in 2010 with the slogan ‘All in in Together’, the debt of GDP has risen from 60 to just under 90 per cent. All the quantitative easing cash has disappeared in a black hole and living standards for the poor have got so bad they are burning to death in council flats.

Meanwhile, a minuscule minority of of super rich people have got richer and richer, siphoning their money out Britain and into the Cayman Islands as their £10 million pound houses sit empty. The slogan should have been ‘You’re all in it Together‘.

Those houses are empty investments just like gold or oil, looking out at the dystopian tower that will be forever stuck in our minds eye. I don’t know Mick the firefighter, but I suspect that’s why he told The Sun to sling their hook. He could see the injustice of it all as he tackled the flames.

What I have noticed in recent weeks is that people are liberating themselves from mainstream media groups and drawing their own conclusions as to why there is so much division and hatred in a Kingdom where the word ‘United’ has become somewhat ironic. Such was unsubstantiated media venom against Jeremy Corbyn, the tide changed dramatically.

Mick’s single tweet will have encouraged thousands more people to think about what on earth is going on here. That is because it is impossible not to listen to the type of person we respect a thousand times more than anyone those self-serving Tory bastards can throw at us.

There are volatile times ahead, because the pitchforks are coming.

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