Time to Fully Dismiss Trump the Sociopath!

Posted on August 18, 2017

Donald Trump’s actions this week confirmed he was a fascist sympathiser; it’s as simple as that. Anyone who makes those standing up to fascism equally to blame in outbreaks of violence, is showing what side they are on.

The equality of blame that Trump has demonstrated is the equivalent to watching an old lady fighting off a mugger by ferociously swinging her handbag and saying, “Okay fake news, I don’t like violence from any side, both sides were guilty, both sides, both sides, fake news, fake news, she was swinging that bag violently, violently”. 

In case you didn’t knowthe cause of the protest in Charlottesville came about due to the upcoming demolition of the statue of Robert E Lee, one of the general’s in the Confederate army during the US Civil War.

Every head case from every mad fascist and white supremacist group in the USA was aggressively opposed to this justified removal from history that decent Americans want put to bed. In their crazy heads, beating the living daylights out of black people if they don’t pick enough cotton, is an American tradition that should never be forgotten, and one day be reinstated once the Alt Left is crushed.

Trump’s response was?

“If you remove a statue of Robert E Lee, where does this stop?”

That’s right Donald, whatever next? Fake news about what Hitler really got up to?

So, the people who are under attack by these crazy anti-fascist movements didn’t deserve it?

Poor innocent folk such as National Front leader, Matthew Heimbach (“We must secure the existence of our people and the future for our white children.”) or former Klu Klux Klan leader, David Duke (“We have an alien people who have taken over our countries, our media, our banking. Only Donald Trump has spoken up against Wall Street and the Jewish banks.”).

In fairness to Trump, he acted quickly when quizzed by a journalist (a fake news one no doubt) as to whether he deplored Duke’s views, by simply saying “I’ll have to do more research”. How much research to you have to do on a former leader of the Klu Klux Klan to find out whether he is a fascist or not? Just how stupid is this bloke with his finger on the nuclear button?


What is now totally undeniable is that Trump has confirmed our worst fears by nailing himself to the mast of fascism, so it is now the time for someone to put a stop to him, rather than laughing at a person (who is a satirist’s dream) and hoping he will go away.

I have read several things about Trump that have chilled me within the last week. The first came from an article by Harry Leslie Smith, one of the last surviving members of the RAF who fought in WWII. In his latest piece, Smith wrote of how he and his friends lampooned Hitler as a clown and someone who could never be taken seriously. Then, the next thing he (Smith) knew, he was being called up to fight in a war where millions perished to defeat fascism.

The second piece I read was by a Trump biographer who shadowed him for a documentary many years ago. His strong opinion is that Trump needs to be stopped and stopped quickly because as political opponents both in and outside the Republican Party start to gang up on him, he is likely to do something really stupid to prove to the world he is important.

That’s the way Trump rolls; it is hard to comprehend his upbringing and what made him so devoid of love, compassion or any human empathy but that’s what makes him such a monster. As someone who was handed everything from birth, he does not have the wit, intelligence or stage presence of 20th Century fascists but there is strong evidence to suggest he has the potential to be equally evil.

The most sensible thing the UK could do right now is to stop appeasing Trump on the basis a post-Brexit, poisonous (literally) trade deal is vital to the British economy. They could also take a look at what has happened in Barcelona yesterday and rethink why we are leaving a union that has ensured peace in Europe since 1945.

After everything that the America did to defeat fascism in the 1940’s, it is a tragedy that such a great nation has been hijacked by a President who believes in an ideology that was conquered and smashed by millions of brave US soldiers in the allied effort to free the world from authoritarianism.

It is also sad that the UK has idiotically decided independence at a time when unity is desperately required to shape our future.

Sad times.

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