Progression Versus Regression

Posted on November 28, 2017

As the years, decades and centuries pass, we tend to evolve and move forward, trying to find ways of making amends for previous poor judgement, whether it be in the environment, the financial sector or by our treatment of other nations that may have seemed logical at the time.

There are problems along the way and whilst things such as cleaning up polluted beaches, employment rights and health and safety can be expensive and time consuming at the time, they are generally for the betterment of all, save a few fat cats who have had a few million in dividends trimmed from their offshore accounts.

Every now and then a movement of nationalism that is always simmering rises up and lobs a stick into the spokes as people crave for authoritarianism and a return to a perceived imperial golden age, presumably at the cost of other nations.

What I can’t understand is why there is such a huge craving for this in the UK?

Unless they are people who have inherited wealth or are members of the aristocracy, most of the population were infinitely worse off during these ‘golden eras’ and faced the prospect of either being killed or maimed in conflict or losing a loved one at a pathetically young age.

Employment was often scarce, dangerous and harsh, health was poor (at least until the advent of the NHS) the air was often filthy with smog and for most, life was pretty bloody tough according to my dad who is now 85. So why do we we see it as a golden time that we want to return to instead of continuing to progress and make our lives better?

Perhaps it is because of television dramas such as Downton Abbey that depict the aristocracy treating the serfs with dignity that convinces people that subservience is best for all and that our masters are the wealth creators that allow us all to survive?

Maybe that is why some people queuing at a food bank can muster enough strength to wave a Union Jack flag as the Brexit shambles is buried under the bunting of yet another Royal occasion next year?

I am not saying what I have said above is right because I don’t know if it is, I am just putting it out there.

What I am sure of is that outside of a union, despite its obvious flaws, we are under threat of an American financial invasion that will have a major negative impact on employment rights, food standards, environmental health, and public health.

We have chosen to be under the shadow of Trumps America rather than part of a 28 nation union that has overseen peace in Europe since its formation in 1957. Britain joined the EU in 1973 and I would like to know what it is about us joining that made the lives of ordinary people so bad?

The only people in the UK who would have suffered under the EU in the coming years are tax avoiders as the union unveils plans to bring a halt to large corporations avoiding corporation tax and VAT by constantly moving around to tax free havens across the planet.

Leaving the EU altogether (without any deal in place) is a threat to business, jobs, food standards, health and the environment whilst leaving with a deal (a copy and pasted agreement that is the same as the one we already have) begs one question.

Why are we spending billions putting together an agreement we already have, with the one key difference being the fact that as a non-member we will no longer have a powerful position at the negotiating table?

I want the owners of The Telegraph, The Mail, The Express and The Sun, all of whom are hiding money offshore, to explain to me what damage being a member of the European Union does to ordinary folk on ordinary salaries living in ordinary homes.

They (the media barons) love these Royal weddings and it wouldn’t even surprise me if they were planned or at least released for public knowledge to distract the masses from what is an unmitigated disaster waiting to happen. The Daily Telegraph (once a respected Tory broadsheet) actually ran a Twitter feed today comparing the rings that William and Harry bought their respective wives to be.

The Express went even further by claiming that the ghost of Diana thought Princess Kate was perfect for William but Meghan was not the girl for Harry, presumably because she is a darkie and darkies won’t be welcome after Brexit.

Meanwhile other comments pages in dross tabloids such as The Mail went into xenophobic overdrive because Harry’s future wife is of mixed race. While this diatribe and racist xenophobia is going on, another day passes and the UK takes another step closer to the cliff and a £40-50 billion pay off to the EU as city businesses frantically scour the commercial lettings websites in Paris and Munich.

And who do we have sorting it out?

David Davis, a man who carries the demeanour of someone who couldn’t organise a an office Cornish pasty and Steak and Kidney pie list in Greggs and Boris Johnson, the category A, 24 Carat imbecile who was given one job to pave the way for the release of a woman from an Iranian hell hole and still managed to cock it up.

I fairness to these two fuckwitts, a Brexit team featuring Nelson Mandela and Herbert Cohen wouldn’t get us out of this one, so I guess Theresa May, a woman devoid of any human empathy, decided she might as well chuck Davis to the wolves as he has always been useless anyway. Why waste a talented MP on the political equivalent of sending Frank Spencer in the ring to batter the life out of Mike Tyson?

However, I am happy to be proved wrong, so if anyone reading this post can give me any iota of a reason why they think Britain hasn’t loaded its guns and shot both its feet off, I need to know and I need to know fast, as I am getting depressed thinking it might all just be racist lunacy.

Unlike Brexit folk when they are made to look silly, I won’t be angry when I am informed it is going to be fantastic, I will be ecstatic. In fact I will be so ecstatic that this hidden card we have up our Brexit sleeve is going to propel us into an independent utopia, I will willingly dance naked through the streets of Andover.

So please David Davis, release the Brexit impact papers with the good news they are withholding…I can’t take the suspense any longer, I really can’t.

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