Badge of Honour Dimwits Lost in a Sea of Sovereignty

Posted on December 15, 2017

When the government was defeated over the final Brexit agreement, it was a victory for parliamentary sovereignty over the threat of unchallenged autonomy. In a normal world that would be a victory for the people who elected their MP’s to represent them.

309 MP’s from across all parties, decided that when a final deal had been achieved by the Brexit delegates, it would then be put to a parliamentary vote to agree its content.

This halts any idea that any government (Labour may have power by then remember) can do as they choose when it comes to final negotiations in 2019. That is really good news, despite what those lunatics in The Daily Mail are trying to accuse good MP’s, such as Nicky Morgan, of doing.

If Paul Dacre had his way, the 12 Tories who voted for parliamentary sovereignty would face charge without trial and sent to the gas chamber. That’s how ridiculous this has got and it is proof that billionaire media moguls are terrified of democracy and how it may bring an end to decades of stealing from the public purse and using that money to lobby political parties and stop them from putting an end to tax avoidance.

If this is not obvious to ordinary people by now, well I am sorry, they are deliberately being thick for the sake of it. They are using ignorance as a badge of honour to scream a tirade of abuse at anyone foreign, whether they are apple pickers or brain surgeons.

If anyone saw Question Time last night, they would have witnessed the two most intelligent guests, Nicky Morgan and Professor Robert Winston, getting totally dismissed as idiots by a nasty little venomous piece of work, Isabel Oakeshott, an alleged journalist and spokesperson for the right-wing tax dodgers.

Nicky Morgan did well not to just walk out of the studio and Robert Winston just sat in looking in despair at the lunacy unfolding around him. Never have I been so depressed by the dim-witted folk of this country applauding such a poisonous woman as Oakeshott.

Spiteful: Oakeshott

What I will agree with, is that the biggest victory for parliament the other day is that it may buy more time. Time perhaps for the this whole charade to gain a level sensibility as those who screamed, shouted and voted because they didn’t like the Bulgarian girl in the coffee shop, either die, or find some other mad thing to distract them…a West Indian ‘Dr Who’ or something of the like.

I was speaking to a bloke at Christmas party last week who voted to leave the EU before going on to talk about the winter holiday in the Canaries he has every year. When I suggested the potential of future freedom of movement issues, I got the following answer.

Actually, I’m not sure if I can say what he said without throwing up…oh fuck it, I might as well.

“We normally go all-inclusive so it won’t affect us”.

I have always quite liked thick people as they have offered me hope that I will be okay as long as they exist. However, I never expected a day when, because of a Tory public schoolboy spat, they would be allowed to vote in a referendum they knew nothing about.

They don’t know what sovereignty is, they don’t know what trade arrangements we have across the EU, they don’t know what a tariff is, they don’t know what economic movement is and they don’t even know why the European Union was formed in the first place.

If they did, they would be glad that a parliamentary vote was now required to decide if the deal the EU had offered us was acceptable, as it is in their interests, particularly with civil and workers’ rights.

The reason the billionaires are seething is that they know that this act of democracy takes us further down the line of Brexit not happening. They know that as the slightly less stupid people start emerging from their media inspired hypnosis and realise it is not about them, things could turn rapidly.

It’s so bleeding obvious what media barons are doing and that allows me only one conclusion. Voting Brexit and acting aggressive about it, is a badge of honour for dimwits who would rather lie in a ditch than listen to common sense.

Have a good weekend.

2 Replies to "Badge of Honour Dimwits Lost in a Sea of Sovereignty"

  • john older
    January 19, 2019 (2:51 pm)

    Why dont you just say anyone who voted to leave is a cunt and those who disagree with you are dickheads ? Job done.
    You imply some people who voted leave were thick and have no understanding of how the EU opreates. Yet you have witnessed many occaisions where people who have no knowledge of the issues, or possiible outcomes are allowed to vote in what is known as a General Election. Is it OK for them to participate in elections but not referendums ?

    • Bob Lethaby
      January 21, 2019 (3:49 pm)

      Hi John,

      I am afraid I come across a host of people who voted Leave who did it on impulse, without knowledge.

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