The May’s Profiting From Lockheed Martin

Posted on April 18, 2018

Anyone who saw the BBC news last night would have seen a feature showing the state of rented accommodation that the poor and hopeless are forced to live in. It made me more aware than ever that it is often the objective of the rich to bleed the poor of every last penny they have.

Rather than feeling grateful we are not living in poverty, we are virtually trained by the media that rich people are great and those who are suffering from poor mental and physical health are scum. I find that a bit desperate, but that’s how it is and it stems from media outlets being owned by offshore billionaires operating a system of deflecting blame away from themselves for the financial state of Britain.

You would think that things couldn’t get much lower than that but when I read about Phillip May (The PM’s husband) and his relationship with defence giant Lockheed Martin, I realised they could.

May is a senior financial executive at Capital Group, a firm who have a £7  billion (around 10%) shareholding in Lockheed Martin, the company that manufactured the cruise missiles that were used against the Syrian regime at the weekend.

At around £800k a pop, these were the weapons that Donald Trump childishly described as“nice and new and smart” weren’t the only thing that soared. Lockheed Martin’s shares also rocketed when trading started on Monday (see below).

There are two ways of looking at this. Either it is plainly immoral to have a Prime Minister whose husband profits from arms sales, or it corrupt. Both are pretty much unsavoury if you ask me.

The objective of democratic capitalism was to create wealth so those who were successful could assist the poor, the sick and the war torn, not exploit them. In some cases (Bill Gates for example) this is the case and personally, I have no objection to people getting wealthy if they pay taxes and do their bit for the greater good.

However, in general, something has gone seriously wrong and having a PM who takes advice (we all take advice from our partners) from a husband who works for a firm that makes a profit from cruise missiles is a clear example of that. Surely anyone with half a brain can see that that is an unhealthy situation.

Or is that just the way it is?

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