A Choice of Citizenship?

Posted on May 12, 2018

Sorry I have been absent from blogs lately, what with the start of the cricket season and all that it has been a busy old time where the days have just drifted past.

Anyway, I was listening to a couple of people debating on the radio the other morning and it is pretty clear that we are now a nation that is utterly divided with regards to our future.

The marginal victory for the Leave camp in 2016 has left the whole nation seething. Remainers are seething because they lost and are being forced down a road they didn’t want to travel, and Leavers are seething because they won and they like seething. In fairness, egged on by The Daily Mail, they are rather good at it.

This had me wondering how we could possibly heal the divisions in this green (and rapeseed yellow) pleasant land of ours and live in harmony like we once did in the 50’s when there was no crime, you could leave your back door open and kids had respect.

Well, what about a choice of citizenship? We are after all, a free democratic and liberal land where people are allowed to make their own choices, yes?

So why not offer that choice.

Being in the EU costs every citizen in this country approximately £120 a year or 0.34 pence per day. You will know by now what we get in return, namely free trading agreements and freedom of movement and so on. We also get some Eastern Europeans as economic migrants, or if you read The Express, raping gypsies who will get a free house but only if they murder your parents.

So, why not offer EU Citizenship to those who voted to remain? This will be at a cost of £120.00 a year for full working adults along with varying reductions for children, students and of course, pensioners who don’t read The Mail.

In return for your £120.00 you would have access to European goods that have been brought in through a trade free union and sold in EU registered outlets. You could purchase these goods with an EU type credit/debit card or with your EU Passport number. You would also be allowed through the EU section at customs in airports and docks, as well as having opted in access to EU workers and civil rights.

This would have no hindrance on those opting to be UK only citizens as they would get their blue passport (made in Holland) and still have access to EU registered shops. However, they would have to pay a tax contribution as they have chosen not to be a member. It will be a bit like a golf club. A non-member pays more as they haven’t invested in the club facilities.

UK only citizens will have access to the new deregulated workers and civil rights that we are told are going to be a photocopy of the existing EU rights. However, if they are changed under a right wing government, they must adhere to them until an election when they will be given the opportunity to join the EU club if they so wish.

If one of the groups starts achieving sufficiently more wealth and security than the other, an individual can change allegiance when there is an election. For example, if an EU member is unhappy, at an election they can tick the box that says BUF (British Union of Fascists) and another saying ‘Blue Passport’.

Ultimately, those who wish to live in a country that has been deregulated and had restrictions of movement imposed on it, should have their chance, whilst those who don’t, should not be hindered and told to sit down and shut up by others and be given the right to freedom of movement if that’s what they choose.

Of course, this is only sketchy guide to healing the nation but it is one where no one should have complaints and where liberal people can be free of fear with regards to being trapped in dystopian authoritarianism.

Not that The Daily Mail will like it.



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