Windrush and the Meaning of Institutionalised Racism!

Posted on May 1, 2018

So the home secretary is done for, leaving the former home secretary and now prime minister exposed and frantically looking for her next lightning conductor in the form of Sajid Javid, who, as her successor will attempt to eradicate the Windrush scandal. Theresa May clings on again, in her bunker, her ineptitude ruthlessly exposed once again. How much longer can this clown survive?

As we know, Amber Rudd claims to have known nothing about the deportation targets that were set for migrants. If she didn’t (I’m suspicious) obviously she is about as fit for the home office as Alf Garnett and had to go. However, what is a fact is there were officials in her department who knew every detail of the policy and the awful ramifications it was having on Afro Caribbean Britons from the Windrush generation.

In that office, officials came to the following conclusion.

They assumed Windrush victims would not be in a position to kick up a fuss and if they did, it would still be worth it if it made our new right-wing Brexit ideology look like it meant business. I mean, after all, it’s only a few black people who came to help rebuild the country after the war, so they may as well be casualties if it keeps Nigel Farage and his mob quiet.

Unfortunately for Rudd, the Windrush victims were furious and so were the decent folk of this country who, thankfully, seem to be quite vociferous when it comes to fair play, with a protest campaign hurtling past 10,000 signatures at jaw dropping and heart-warming speed.

In my opinion diversity is critical to make Britain a happy and prosperous place and when it is challenged in such an awful way, people will resist, so it is a lesson for these people in the home office who think they can pick on minorities at their own convenience without being held to account.

For anyone like me, who wondered exactly what institutional racism is, Windrush is a great example to learn from. We all knew after Stephen Lawrence, The Met Police was, maybe still is, institutionally racist. However, our minds can play on our naivety and decency telling us “What…the home office racist? Surely not?”  

Institutional racism is a situation where those involved (such as Rudd and May) may well not think of themselves as racists and might well indeed think they are decent progressive liberals. However, as a collective, they have allowed a process to take place that would actively and happily pursue the disadvantaged in the hope they do not have the will or resources to resist.

What they didn’t bank on with Windrush was such a backlash and that their ideologies and practices would be exposed for what they are.

After reading so much about this in the last week, I can only come to the ‘institutional racism’ conclusion. Opinion is free of course (for now at least) but if you disagree with me and don’t think that it is the case, you only have to ask yourself one question.

What would have happened if the Windrush folk hadn’t got the media and public support they desperately needed?

They’re the lucky ones this time round but for me it is a lesson that as we hurtle towards Brexit, if it makes the figures work, the ethnic, disadvantaged or poor, are going to be expendable if we allow it. Hopefully, we live in country where eventually, the progressives will seize power from those who want to go back to the 1930’s.

We’re better than that.



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