Forever Summer as BJ Strikes Again!

Posted on August 8, 2018

It’s True, it’s Going to be Hot Until October!

I am writing this blog onboard ‘Late Flight EZY8303’ to Mahon. It is going to be hot where we are heading and it will be hot in the UK when I return…UNTIL OCTOBER!!

I know this because a barman in my local pub, a woman on the till at Sainsbury’s, and a bloke on the radio told me so. Everyone is at it, despite no evidence except that a long weather forecasting effort at putting together historical data suggests it might be warmer than average over the next 3 months, but it might not be either.

The average temperatures in the U.K. are as follows. August (19c) September (16c) and October (13c). So with that in mind, if the temperature is 1c higher in those respective months the long range forecast will be deemed correct. Hardly the basis for telling everyone who comes into your shop or pub that Britain is the new Dubai.

I am saying this because it is a classic example of how populism works. Throw a bullshit story out there and no one will bother doing the research; just like when millions of people said they voted Brexit because the NHS need £350 million a week, which, admittedly, is easier than saying “I’m a racist fuckwitt”.

Throwaway comments are all the rage in this era of false facts and this has been ably demonstrated by Boris Johnson making remarks about the burka this week. Boris knows his comments will put him back under he spotlight and guarantee votes from populists in his party and beyond.

What is kind of ironic is that the people who I know who have been standing up for Boris’s right to free speech, are the very same folk who will be damaged by a government under his leadership that would deserve a strap line ‘For the Few, Not the Many’.

I am not qualified to say how racist Boris Johnson actually is, possibly no at all, but what he (or probably his advisors) are very clever at, is appealing to swathes of people by pretending he is one of them, a man of the people; if you can imagine such a preposterous thing from a member the Bullingdon Club.

There is no question this is Boris indulging in ‘Dog Whistle’ politics and by latching on to populism, he has demonstrated that his last chance at the leadership of the Conservative Party is to appeal to the far right and hope he can exploit Theresa May’s uselessness, thus allowing him to take some of the weaker centrists along for the ride.

Insulting people for ‘Good old Boris!’ votes is a massive gamble but such is his fall from popularity in his own party and beyond; he has no choice. Where else can he go…UKIP?

I predict a run a the leadership with more xenophobic tomfoolery to come from Boris as the stakes rise. However, those who are conned by him need to be careful of what they wish for, as the vision of Britain the likes of Boris, IDS and Rees Mogg have, is only palatable if you are seriously loaded.

If in the unlikely event Boris does become the leader, he will not want to be an unpopular one. So, with that in mind, expect plenty of distraction buffoonery on pushbikes and trapezes. However, it is when the economy is rocking and people are losing their jobs he will become more sinister.

That is when the little digs and blame for the country’s woes will be aimed at anyone but himself and where better to start than with immigrants, the unhealthy and the poor.

He really is that much of a cunt!

I hope the weather picks up for you all again when I am away. It should do, a bloke in the pub told me it was going to be hot until October.

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