The Almeria Greenhouses Killing the Environment and its Workers!

Posted on October 29, 2018

Did anyone see ‘Mediterranean with Simon Reeve’ last night? Jeez, I don’t think I have been so shocked by something regarding our environmental breakdown.

The Almeria greenhouses cover 100 square miles, can be seen from space, and they supply our Supermarkets, virtually all of them as far as I can gather. Unless you are a 100% carnivore, you have almost certainly eaten from these greenhouses.

The problem is that there are no proper environmental laws in place, so the old plastic greenhouses just get discarded. They then break up, sink into the top layers of the earth, and get washed into the sea when it rains, causing utter carnage in the marine ecosystem.

If thousands of tons of plastic washed into the sea every day wasn’t bad enough, many of the people working there are essentially, slaves from Africa. They are paid a minuscule wage, much of which they have to pay back to the owners in rent, for shacks featuring electrical wiring that has ‘accident waiting to happen’ written all over it.

Why aren’t the Spanish authorities doing anything about it? Why aren’t big supermarkets in the UK that use these companies, doing anything about it? Why aren’t the EU doing anything about it?

It’s all about money I guess, and as we know, money and profit has to come before any concerns about slave labour and killing the Mediterranean Sea.

Bloody depressing it was, especially seeing a chap living in such destitution he is too ashamed to go back home and admit he has failed, all because of chance of birth.

With regards to the environment, you can’t help but come to the conclusion that the horse bolted too long ago for us to reverse the destruction.

We’re nothing more than savages killing beauty on a biblical scale, but in pursuit of what for fuck’s sake?

You can watch ‘Mediterranean with Simon Reeve’ by clicking here.

He didn’t bother hanging about in Monaco, he said it stunk of dirty money, which probably makes him a lefty snowflake or something of the sort.

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