Never Forget the Tory Rebels Who Drove the Referendum!

Posted on November 16, 2018

When people look to who is to blame for dividing the nation and creating hate, they should never go any further than the right wing rebels who drove the referendum agenda.

These are people who are self-serving, riddled with corruption, second jobs that compromise their positions, and links to tax avoidance newspaper barons who gladly joined their cause. Why wouldn’t they with stringent EU Tax Avoidance regulations coming in next year?

Theresa May used cricketer, Geoff Boycott, as her stoical analogy last night and somehow, she held on. To use an analogy she would understand, she  survived a stonewall LBW appeal that appeared to be hitting middle stump at ankle height.

May’s fortitude can be admired, she has the skin of a pebble dashed rhinoceros that compensates for her lack of verbal mobility and stage presence. A presence that gives you a feeling that she is stuck like a rabbit in the headlights for the final time.

Then, to use cricket analogies again, she survives a barrage of bouncers that Curtly Ambrose would be proud of, and another day at the crease beckons. There is little doubt that she is more Geoffrey Boycott than David Gower, but she should be well aware that Boycott was a selfish bastard who said what he liked and liked what he said.

There is little doubt that May is trying to do the right thing (she was a remainer after all) but with all the poisonous individuals in her party ganging up on her for another push at a hard right wing Brexit, surely it is just a matter of time before an inswinging yorker rips out her middle stump?

She must also be aware that a good deal was always a fantasy, because no deal with the EU can be better than the one we had; it is not possible. As I perpetually try to remind people, we walked out on the EU, so as much as they may want to keep us on board, they owe the UK no favours. There is no long hop for Theresa May to bludgeon into row Z.

So this is what we must remember. If we arrive at a scenario where her deal is voted down by parliament and we get to the 29th March and crash land without a trade deal in place and ruthless nations (USA and China etc) are ready to exploit our vulnerability, it is not Theresa May we should turn on; as hopeless as she has often been in a thankless job that remember, she chose to take.

It is Boris Johnson, Rees Mogg, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Gove, Liam Fox, John Redwood and countless other crooks whom John Major, another cricket fan, used to describe as bastards, who caused this.

John Major said that word as that’s what they are, bastards. Rees Mogg is a crook dressed up as a puritanical Dickensian nightmare; a man who would admonish his wife for leaving a table leg uncovered because it led to sexual thoughts. Johnson doesn’t know how not to lie and has spent his life deceiving his bosses, his colleagues, his wives, his lovers and his oldest friends. Redwood is just pure evil like an SS Officer, as is Duncan-Smith.

If, and it is still  an if, rather than a certainty, we get to the 29th of March and all three stumps are smashed across the ground, there is nowhere else to look to blame for the shambles that has broken a nation and caused deep wounds that may never be healed.

Look to to those rebels and that coward Cameron and his inability to control them, choosing instead to gamble with the future of a country by asking a population that had no knowledge of the intricate nature of the EU, to put an impulsive cross in a box.

Where will they be when it comes to crunch time? Where will Boris and Rees Mogg be when the economy collapses?

To quote Paul Weller and the Jam, they would have done what they always do.

They would have loaded their guns and ran off home for their tea, blaming someone else for all the problems they had caused. Why? Because that’s just what they do. To them, it is normal behaviour.

Singalong now.


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