The Masters of the Ridiculous!

Posted on January 30, 2019

There is one thing that I have learnt over the couple of years and do you know what that is? The more preposterous something is, the more likely people will brush it of as a lefty snowflake conspiracy.

The Tax Avoidance Kings

This has been particularly apparent in the world of finance. There is solid, hard core evidence that big business is involved in industrial scale tax avoidance, yet people just laugh it off.

Solid evidence exists that people who represent us in parliament such as Jacob Rees Mogg, Iain Duncan Smith, Boris Johnson and David Davis, have taken money from, or worked for, these organisations. Even the PM’s husband is employed by firm that offers tax avoidance advice. It’s not illegal but these people are supposed to set standards.

In the mainstream media, empires owned by Murdoch, Rothermere, The Barclays and Desmond are all offshore tax avoidance beneficiaries. They make a profit in the UK, invoice the from the Cayman Islands and its job done. Billions lost from the HMRC coffers. Money that builds schools, hospitals, roads and so on. It’s all spent on yachts, mansions and the finest cigars in Panama.

However, at least they aren’t traitors. It’s all totally legal you see.

So, this week, as the Prime Minister negotiated with the right-wing mob in her party, I couldn’t help but notice another sinister move that will be turned on its head.

With her non-negotiable deal now ripped up and replaced by a negotiated one to satisfy the ERG fanatics, she heads back to the EU. She heads back to EU with a deal that she knows is not acceptable. The EU have instantly turned it down and rightly so.

The Blame Game

Over a 2-year period, the EU made a withdrawal deal with the PM. Once parliament realised there is no such thing as a good EU deal (you can’t get better than what we have you see) they voted it down. Whose fault is this do you think?

The EU make a deal with our PM and our MP’s turn it down. Go on, whose fault do you reckon it is?

Well fuck my old boots, it’s the EU’s of course. They are suddenly the inflexible ones and they will get the blame if parliament falls apart. They will be to blame if we go into a deep recession because that’s the way the right-wing, tax avoiding British media like it.

Parliament (as traitors and newly labelled enemies of the state) may yet save the day. However, for the time being, the ERG is getting their way. This will be to tailspin out of the EU into no mans land. An absolute dream for disaster capitalists and tax avoidance barons running scared of 2019 EU avoidance legislation. Not so much fun for mortals.

So Mad it Can’t Be True

The paragraph above sounds like a conspiracy theory and that is what is so clever about it. These people have worked out that the more ridiculous their behaviour is, the more likely they are to get away with it.

As an example, Boris Johnson took £10k off JCB (who were named in the Panama Papers) and no one batted an eyelid. It should be a national scandal, but no one gives a fuck because he looks funny on a trapeze.

The blame game starts here, and the EU are going to get it.  Most people reading this (I say most) would like to think that the majority of parliament won’t let this happen. However, like the rest of you, I didn’t realise how easily stupid people can be driven by faux patriotism. Theresa May plays on this by bringing up Jeremy Corbyn the IRA and Hamas at every PMQ’s.

Stupidity Rules Ok!

A friend of mine posted this the other day. It is very chilling that we have got this far, and I fear common sense may being running out of time. Stupid folk are starting to look forward to the chaos like it is some sort of 21st century Dunkirk.

Mad isn’t?

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