A Very British Moral Dilemma

Posted on February 15, 2019

I was listening to the builders who are working next door, having their tea break chat yesterday. One of them was ranting on about hanging Shamima Begum, the British citizen who fled to ISIS.

His mate piped up and said, “Fuck me, chill out mate, she was 15 when she went there, who knows what has happened”?

I found myself quietly applauding the bloke. He was not condoning her actions but he had taken the logical step of letting his brain pass the impulse stage. By doing this, he had worked out that a period of calm is needed to assess a dangerous situation.

A Ranters Paradise

I followed, then unfollowed a Facebook post yesterday regarding this. It was one where Shamima Begum was offered, by British people, the sort of treatment that would make ISIS wince. Rape, hanging, shooting by sniper at Heathrow, you name it, she got it.

It is understandable why people get angry about such an emotive subject. Shamima Begum appears, from her letter to The Times, to be taking the piss out of the British law system. It is hard to argue her case, so I wont.

The Law System

However, it is at times like this, I am grateful for very intelligent folk in the British intelligence and law system. They have to be very calm and astute about how they deal with this. It is a situation that could easily lead to a rise in the far right and subsequent terrorist attacks.

I am no expert (obviously) but I would imagine the first thing they will be trying to work out is this. How did 15 year old UK citizen end up in the hands of ISIS? Then (I assume) they will try to see if she is of value to counter terrorism. Then they will see if she is a threat to British society.

I’m not happy dealing with ISIS members by lowering ourselves to their standards. I like the law system just the way it is. A system where Shemima Begum will be questioned and analysed. That analysis will include child abuse. If she is then charged with criminal offences and put in prison, that’s good enough for me.

Maybe I have watched too much of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ but I really don’t want to live in a society of impulse law. One where, when I walk into town, I have to check to see what time the public stoning finishes. I don’t feel sorry for Shamima Begum but the law system has to do its job correctly.

As the builder next door said.

Chill out.

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