Drinkers Like Me – A Six Month Review!

Posted on April 8, 2019

It dawned on me at the weekend that last week I passed the six month mark using the Drinkaware app. This personal fad started after watching the Adrian Charles documentary ‘Drinkers Like Me’.

So how have I done?

Well, I’m going to tell you, whether you like it or not.

The Stats

Since the 1st September the first to 31st March there has been a total of 212 days. Out of those days I was alcohol free on 112 of them. By rough calculation, that is about 112 more alcohol free days than before I had the app.

I have consumed a total of 821 units in that time, with my worst month being December (for obvious reasons) with 238 units. My best month was when I became a total faddist, and went through January completely alcohol free ( 0 Units). For refence, a pint of beer or a glass of wine is 2.3 units.

During the whole six month period, I have not had one drink on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesdays. During most weeks I have not had a drink at all until the Friday. I never thought that would be possible but it now feels like normal behaviour. Since my January abstinence, I have actually lost interest in boozing in large quantities.

Because I don’t know what quantities of booze I was consuming before I Installed the app, I can’t make a direct comparison. However, I reckon my intake has been reduced by roughly two thirds. That indicates that I was drinking a lot (probably because I was). That said, if you have a couple of pints or a few glasses of wine every night, it adds up quite quickly.

You don’t have to been falling around drunk to be consuming booze at damaging levels of consumption. That said, I don’t care a toss what anyone else wants to drink. This has been a personal challenge (based on the increasing size of my own gut). I promise it is not an evangelical quest for alcohol related righteousness. Alcohol also affects my brain in a negative way, enhancing the gloomier side of my personality.

Weight Loss & Well Being

I have lost weight, but I am not sure how much as I never weigh myself (I started getting scared of the truth). However, I can tell have done so. Bigger clothes are engulfing me and some of my shirts that enhanced my gut, fit again. I reckon I could have lost even more but the lack of alcohol has increased my lust for puddings. It must be the loss of sugar, because I like cake again.

Ultimately, I do feel better in myself. I went out for a dog walk with my son yesterday and he had a stinker of a hangover. The difference is that he is twenty. He would have been fine by 5:00 PM last night. If that was me, I would still feel rough now (it is Monday night) and probably wouldn’t be quite right until Wednesday. My body can’t cope and I am bored of feeling like shit.

Yet, despite all that, I have still averaged 26 units a week since September. That means, according to the NHS, I am still nearly doubling up on recommended units. 14 units seems harsh to me but if that is the point where minor health damage is possible, there is little point denying it. That said, in these days of experts apparently not knowing anything, that figure will be disputed.

Why listen to doctors when some red faced bloke down the pub says its all a load of bollocks?

Now the summer and the light evenings are coming, as well as the cricket season, it will be interesting how I react. All that I can do is report back in September.

I bet you can’t wait.

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  • Micky McDangle
    April 9, 2019 (2:11 am)

    I had that sugar thing too. When I stopped for about three months, (mainly, no totally, down to the Psoriasis drugs I was on) I could not walk past a Pain au raisin. The biggest positive for me was, I slept much better.

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