How Long Will Bojo Last?

Posted on July 22, 2019

Anyone who reads this post regularly will know I don’t hold a candle for Boris Johnson. In my opinion, he is a bit fat fraud who utilises traditional British buffoonery as a tool to gain support from people who read The Daily Mail too much.

A bit like the other blonde slob across the pond, with Boris, the worse his record of behaviour becomes, the more his supporters double down. He throws them a remark made from gammon; they gobble it up.

There are various types of Bojo supporters. There are those who aren’t interested in politics and think he is a laugh. There are those who mistakenly think he cares about them. Then there are those who are bent as a nine-pound note and they need him to take us out of Europe at any cost.

The latter are the most dangerous ones. For them, everything about ‘taking back control’ is for self-preservation purposes. These are the people potentially on the run from money laundering and offshore tax avoidance experts. Johnson is on the payroll of two of them, possibly many more.

Interestingly, in several cases, it is those (Max Hastings for instance) who have worked the closest with him, who appear to despise him the most. Phillip Hammond is off and so is Alan Duncan. Duncan said he was like Johnson’s poop scoop, clearing up all the shit he left behind.

How Long Can this Last?

So how long can he last?

Well, like with Trump, there are those members who adore Johnson. However, within parliament, he is not as well liked as he would like to think. He has several sycophants such as the objectionable Liz Truss of course. However, when it comes down to him trying to find enough cabinet jobs for all he has promised them to, the honeymoon might not last.

He has also discovered that any attempt to suspend parliament will be repelled by an MP majority and potential court case. Yet another dose of Brexit irony as the sovereign law we are supposed to have lost, does its job.

Because Johnson is so chaotic and possesses nothing but a bumbling lack of knowledge on critical political, economic and geopolitical policy, his masterstroke may be to delegate. This would involve acting like a chairman and delegating anything that takes subject knowledge. It would be the opposite to someone like May, who went with the May way or no way ideology.

The problem with this ideology is that nothing will convince me that Johnson is in it for anything other than self-serving purposes. So rather than looking for intellectuals in his cabinets, he will want sycophants. Personally, I think he is nothing more than a puppet for those in the shadier side of the financial sector and his decisions will be driven by them, not the NHS, the environment, or the economy.

Exiting the EU without a plan and in potential acrimony is riddled with geopolitical and financial risk, so you must ask yourself why Johnson is prepared to do it? You also must ask yourself why pragmatic conservatives are getting out and even threatening to take their own party leader to court?

Something is seriously wrong.

Buffoonery Will Get us Nowhere

It’s all very well laughing at Johnson stuck on a trapeze or falling off his bike, especially if you are mortgage free and have no financial dependents. However, with a crisis in Iran that he was at least a part of and an economy on a knife edge, buffoonery is probably not the best answer.

It’s ok for Boris. If it all goes wrong for him, he has enough money stashed offshore not to care about his security and he wouldn’t know his kids if they passed him in the street. He is not even sure how many he has.

This very British self-inflicted farce is going to get worse before it gets better. I’d bet my house on it that it won’t be Johnson who makes it better.

The man is fucking joke.

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