Ignorance is the Key to the Anti-Antisemitism Issue!

Posted on July 11, 2019

The biggest problem with the Labour Party and the antisemitism problem that just won’t go away, is ignorance. If you asked 80% of the UK population to differentiate between being Jewish and Zionist, they wouldn’t be able to help you.

This ignorance has been utilised by the sections of the media looking to attack Jeremy Corbyn and his socialist vision. However, it is also an issue amongst Labour Party members and the public. It also affects certain members of the Conservative Party. However, as friends of the current Israel regime that, let’s face it, is akin to apartheid, they tend to indulge in Islamophobia instead (women looking like post boxes etc).

Conflation at Work

What is important here but is often overlooked, is that to be against the current Israeli ideology, is not anti-Jewish. It is anti-appalling behaviour and abuse of basic human rights in Palestine. Public ignorance of history allows the media to conflate the two to promote an agenda to destabilise a leader or its party.

This is not to say that the Labour Party and its leader are innocent. It appears to me that there has been at best, laziness in ignoring some aspects of left-wing politics. There are obviously members who are content for being Jewish to be the labelled same as Zionist. This must be particularly upsetting for Jewish Labour Party members who are disturbed by the actions of Netanyahu and actively oppose him.

There are Jewish movements aplenty that see the behaviour of Israel as terrifyingly close to what has happened to them in the past. For instance, IJAN (International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network) are committed to dismantling what they see as an Israeli Apartheid state. Perhaps certain members of the Labour Party need to promote these causes rather than spreading conspiracy theories about The Rothschilds?

Highlighting Human Rights

What concerns me with regards to the Labour Party and their issues dealing with anti-Semitism, is this.

If they were to drift along in denial, they are feeding the theory that they have an institutionalized problem dating right back to the creation of a Jewish homeland. If that becomes the common perception amongst the masses, who will be around to highlight the ongoing human rights atrocities in Gaza?

Boris Johnson?

What I am almost certain of is this. There is an active and successful campaign in sections of the media to present anti-Zionism as anti-Judaism. It is a conflation masterstroke.

Whilst ignorance is king, it will continue to work.

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