The Tory Populist Bullshit that the Proles Believe!

Posted on September 30, 2019

I’ve got to admit that if these Boris Johnson Tories weren’t so dangerous, it would be funny. They just can’t stop lying. They are even brazen enough to have a stand at their conference advertising The Cayman Islands (the famous tax avoidance place to the west of Cuba).

The fact that the average proletarian hasn’t worked out that Brexit is all about rich people making lots of money then avoiding paying tax on it, is a damning indictment of the British education system. It’s almost as if the Tories are just taking the piss now.

The Tory Socialists

I have had to find myself laughing at the Tories (otherwise I would cry) claiming that they are suddenly embarking on socialism. Suddenly, they are upping the minimum wage, employing thousands of new policemen and building more new hospitals than you can shake a stick at.

They do this, just about keeping a straight face whilst marvelling how so many people believe them. It’s extraordinary stuff and proof that if you persist with utter bullshit, people will believe it. They could say they were introducing a programme to harvest straight bananas in Lincolnshire and millions of daft fuckers would believe them

Johnson came up with a cracker today. He claimed that when mayor, he introduced the Oyster Card it made London travel much easier. It’s almost one of his more believable pork pies at least until you see that the Oyster Card was introduced in 2003, five years before he became mayor. He can’t help himself; he is a kind of posh bar stool bullshitter.

I’m waiting for it all to come crashing down on him, but I don’t think it will. All sorts of allegations are flying around about Johnson’s political language and financial and sexual conduct, but the more that is thrown at him, his core backers become more intense in their support. He has gone for the Donald Trump strategy and it appears to be working.

The Subservient Boris Fans

They are a strange bunch these Tories, but it has to be said that they are nowhere near as strange as the people living of scraps who vote for them. Subservience is a very curious British thing. It is a system where excessive entitlement and access to tax avoidance loopholes is seemingly admired by people who are skint.

If we end up ‘getting our country back’ without any trade deals in place, these daft fuckers who voted for it, will, in all likelihood, be worse off. You’d think that when that reality strikes home and strikes home hard, they will finally turn on the elitists who have fleeced them.

They won’t though, they will blame someone else. It will probably be Jeremy Corbyn because he had tea with Gerry Adams once and didn’t bow properly at the cenotaph. If not Corbyn, Diane Abbot.

‘So Frank, now you have lost your job and it turns out Jacob Rees-Mogg made £200 million from Brexit, how do you feel?’


Mad times these.

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