Brexit – No Extension, No Deal?

Posted on October 17, 2019

Here’s a thing to think about if your brain has any Brexit capacity left. You will need to use your imagination a bit and also consider that Boris Johnson is a reckless character. Also, please just take this as an unlikely scenario but where Johnson is concerned, it is a scenario that shouldn’t be written off entirely.

We know that Dominic Cummings has always wanted a ‘No Deal’ and that he has convinced Boris Johnson of this ideology. So why, all of a sudden, blow the DUP out of the water and go for a deal on the basis he will get cross party support and squeeze it through?

It may be that this is a genuine attempt to do a deal, but it is always important to remember what a devious bastard Cummings is and the fact that Johnson appears to hang on his every word.

It seems unlikely but what if he has done a deal with the DUP for them NOT to support his deal and allow it to receive a thumping defeat in the parliamentary vote? He will be seen as doing what he could to get a deal, yet, despite his heroics, it is rejected by traitor MP’s not listening to ‘the will of the people’.

This would then leave him with no option to ask for an extension to adhere to ‘Benn’s Law’. He can claim this is the fault of Traitorous MP’s and the British Law system that has a remain bias. This is where we can go back to the gambling/reckless attitudes of Cummings. Could it be that they are hedging their bets and doing underhand deals to convince one of the 27 member states to veto the extension? That’s all it would take to crash out.

If that happens, he has got his ‘No Deal’, Farage is back in his box, the DUP and the ERG are delighted, and Benn’s Law has been adhered to. It may be the the worst scenario for the UK and Ireland, but Johnson is not one to let such problems stand in the way of his quest for leadership.

What makes this unlikely is that it will take some doing to convince an EU nation to veto an extension. However, if he has that guarantee, everything about this deal would suddenly make sense.

Crash out by default and suddenly, it is all the fault of parliament, whilst Johnson is seen as the man who wanted a deal but was thwarted by dastardly MP’s.

Unlikely, but foolish to rule out.

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