The Delay to Brexit!

Posted on October 23, 2019

Now that the rushed withdrawal agreement has been delayed, it is time to grow up and have a full and detailed economic and geopolitical impact study into the future after Brexit.

The Government have done these assessments before but never released them. This could be because they don’t make pleasant reading and may sway public opinion. Alternatively, it could be due to concerns that people might spontaneously combust with excitement at the prospect of a golden new dawn of prosperity.

We will never know the results. This is because the government don’t think the public who voted in the 2016 referendum should concern themselves with such trivial matters. They should forget their economic situation and focus their efforts on calling John Bercow a traitor for adhering to British Sovereign Law.

A Sensible Delay

Kenneth Clarke (a tory Remainer) was right this morning when he said it would take more time to set up a whelk stall than was given to MP’s to analyse the withdrawal agreement. We should be glad that MP’s demanded an extension of time. This is the way Britain’s future will be shaped.

One concern is that whilst everyone focussed on the complexities of Northern Ireland, other changes to Theresa May’s original deal had been made in the hope they would go unnoticed. Was the government happy to sell out the DUP to slip in deregulation of workers rights and the environment?

Kier Starmer seems to think so. At this moment in time, I trust him far more than Boris Johnson and our de facto PM, Dominic Cummings. However, I am prepared to be proved wrong and accept that Johnson has manufactured a ‘fantastic deal’ for all; not just his mates from The Bullingdon Club.

Why the Rush?

If it is so fantastic, I am at a loss to why he was so keen to rush it through without careful analysis. It could be because he doesn’t want to (as he promised) live in a ditch on the 31st October, or it could be because it is a con trick.

As Clarke said this morning, the government needs to grow up and stop messing about with Cummings inspired propaganda. An open and honest independent economic and geopolitical impact study is the sensible option.


Because it would be a travesty if decent people had their children’s futures decided by Dominic Cummings and Racist Ron down at The Red Lion.

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